My Fashion No

I would like to think that I have a fairly good fashion sense. I would say I am by no means a fashionista, but I like to dabble in making my wardrobe pretty classic. And with being pregnant, I have to work my closet a little more to fit the snuggness that is going on right now. So I have been eying some new items to add to my collection.

Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy are my fashion icons. Anything they wore, I pretty much think needs to be in my closet.

I love mixing colors. I often spend a lot of time in my closet pairing up different pallets that most wouldn’t do. One this expands the possibilities of my closet, but it also keeps me from buying clothes as often because I see more possibilities this way. I just really enjoy it!

What I don’t enjoy is mixing patterns.

I don’t get it.


image via


image via


I don’t even know…

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This is like nails on the chalkboard to me. I hate it. I truly believe that if you do a pattern, all other items should be simple and understated. And there should only be ONE type of pattern. You have too much going on with more than one varied pattern. My eyes don’t know what to do or where to look. It’s like looking at one of those crazy image things that you stare at and make you dizzy trying to find something.

Again, I am not a fashion guru, so I know there are going to be people who disagree with me.

But I just don’t understand this fashion trend. So I will stick to my simple old fashion ways this spring.

I also don’t like crop tops. Why these are coming back in style is beyond me.

Are there fashion trends that you disagree with or just can’t get on board with?

Are there fashion trends you wish would come back? (Mine would be overalls. Although, I am not sure these were ever in style even though I thought they were.)

“My Job is Freedom”

Another dose of Talks with Tom.

With deployment, one misses out on a lot of TV programming. Seasons come and go. And in the past you would just miss out on them forever, or until the next year when the DVD was released. Then you had to spend a nice chunk of change on that. Oh, or Hulu may or may not have your show, but you can only watch the last 5 episodes and hope they don’t go to HuluPlus.

That is until recently.

My friend Susan introduced me to a site that allows you to watch ANY episode, from ANY season, at ANY time. As a TV junkie, this is a life changer. And when I say any, I will admit that I have not looked for every show out there, but it has yet to fail me.

I introduced Tom to “Project Free TV” so he could catch up on the Walking Dead and Gold Rush.

The trouble with the site though is that it can be finicky and not load as lickity-split as Hulu or a network site, or the unrealistic expectations we may have as millennials.

Tom was near the end of the season for Walking Dead when we had this conversation.

Tom:  This shouldn’t be this difficult. (talking about uploading a video)(groaning and impatient foot-tapping commenced)

Me:  Well, if it is that easy, why don’t you figure out how to post episode videos online on your own?

Tom: That’s this guy’s job. This is his only job in life, and he can’t do that? How hard is it to be awesome at your job? My job is freedom, and I am pretty awesome at that. I have that down pat. I’m just saying.

Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope that we can all celebrate our freedoms this week, and that videos will upload at your command.

And what can be more than American than a weekend was full of home improvements?

We inherited a pair of dressers from my grandparent’s over Father’s Day weekend.

This weekend we did a makeover on these bad boys.


2013-06-29 15.09.42 2013-06-29 15.09.51

They were this old plastic wood, so I first primed them with this stuff.

2013-06-29 15.41.31 2013-06-29 15.41.23

Then I painted on a light orangey brown satin finish paint. I did two coats of this. Tom had to help with some parts because I am not the “smoothest” or most patient painter. You can tell the edges that I worked on–>globs of dried paint are left in my wake. But I did paint 95% of them fairly successfully! It was just a lesson in my on-going curriculum of patience.

2013-06-29 17.32.25

And after…

2013-06-30 17.14.14 2013-06-30 17.47.30

We ended up keeping the same knobs (just taking off the fancy plate things that were on there). It would have cost too much to replace around 25 knobs, but that is an option if you are trying to redo dressers to make a different look.

I wish I had taken a before and after of our bedroom/closet to show how dramatic of a change it was going from living into laundry basket chaos to a much more organized and structured closet. We can actually see everything now in it’s place.

They aren’t perfectly brand new. You can still see nicks and wear and tear from the years they spent in my grandparents’ home. But we gave the pieces a facelift and hopefully a new life with just an afternoon of time and a little bit of paint. And as Tom says, “They are just showing some character.” (He also said that about my globs. He’s a keeper.)

I am excited this week to see what is happening on base for the 4th of July. Red, white, and blue baby!

What are you doing for the 4th?