George Does Christmas…Because We Made Him

We survived George’s first Christmas. We are all holidayed out.

2014-12-21 10.20.32

We actually didn’t do anything crazy for him, besides putting him in a different “holiday” outfit each time we had a family gathering. Anyone surprised that my kid will have matching outfits to coordinate with the day’s events?

2014-12-25 08.01.28-1

2014-12-24 20.35.18

Being only four months old combined with lots of traveling gave us the excuse of not going all crazy about baby’s first Christmas. Which is fine, there were other things to stress about. Other people bought us baby’s first Christmas ornaments– is this a mommy fail or a mommy win?


Next Christmas though, thoughts are already brewing on how to share the Christmas spirit and start traditions with Georgie Man. It will also be the first Christmas that Tom and I will be able to start our traditions as a family and not have to travel way far (now it is a 3 hour drive max to family) or have some momentous event happening (like leaving the Army). So hopefully big things will happen to our Christmas cheer next year.

George seemed uninterested this year anyway…


He took sitting on a stranger’s lap like a boss. Not even phased…

We took pictures and opened his gifts.


Still not phased.

He just wanted to sleep, eat and poop. So by his accounts he really did this Christmas up! Check, check and check. (And can I get in on this kind of holiday?)


Extra bonus that he got a giant elephant rocker in the process, which he will be excited about in about 4 months.


While this isn’t a Christmas he will remember, it for sure will be one that we as his parents will not forget.

And we have pictures to prove just how darn cute he was.

10896971_10100666584900881_1430134680993692871_nGeorge and Cousin Addy

10857923_10100658419459491_8146163765981821885_nGeorge and Cousin Ava

I have a kit to do his hand print as an ornament. I should get on that.


 A family who wears headbands together sticks together. Holiday Spirit!!!