I am one of the folks who recently fell in love with Rachel Hollis. As I was watching Instagram storiesrecently, I saw this picture. Then I started seeing Rachel post about the challenge and the thought behind it.


The concept of ending the year like we go into the year was a novel idea to me. I think we all can own up to that this time of year just kind of takes over with all the things, and we often forget to take care of ourselves.

Since school started, I have slid a little on getting up without hitting the snooze button no less than 5 times. I drink soda way more than I should. Even this week I missed a couple workouts when I had been so good for months not missing even one.

So I want to do this challenge, because I love challenges. I love challenges because it keeps me accountable. Challenges are like to-do lists to mark off. And doing something for 3 months will hopefully make a big impact.


  • I am going to get up at 5am on the week days and 6:30 on the weekends because I am a realist) to walk and do a devotional. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was consistent on a daily devotional.
  • I am going to give up gummy candy and soda. Peach rings and Dr. Pepper are my weakness. I ate almost a whole bag today, and I have had soda almost every day this week. Yikes.
  • And when holidays tend to be more stressful than necessary, what a better time to get a new journal to write my gratitudes down.
  • I am going to work out every day. Repeat…I am going to work out every day.
  • I am going to finally read Rachel’s book. I have had it on my wish list for months, but reading books is hard for me right now. I just cannot keep myself awake! I have time at George’s gymnastics practice, so maybe I won’t fall asleep while I am reading in the stands.

Now does anyone out there know of a Snooze Button support group? I am going to need it.

I may share more of my progress (and struggles) on Instagram because blogging is increasingly more difficult for me these days.

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Have you heard of this challenge? What would you commit to for your last 90 days?




Daphne-16 Months


Weight:  25 lbs. She is 85% for weight, 48% for height, and 65% for head circumference.

Health: All her molars came in, so we are all doing better. She is a spit fire when she is moody. I can tell too that she will have allergy issues like the rest of us. She has been a little snotty with weather changes.


Diet: Well, I think we have hit the picky stage. She rarely eats cooked veggies, but she will eat them frozen or in rice form. She loves all fruits but especially blackberries and blueberries. She tries to get into the fridge since she knows where they are, and gets mad if you get in her way. She is not a fan of deli meat, but most other meats she does well with. Chicken will depend on the day. Salmon, she would eat every meal. She will throw a tantrum for Bear Naked peanut butter granola bites and the fruit and veggie packets. We can’t go in the pantry without her running in after us pointing to these two things. She wont eat eggs if you fix them for her, but if I have eggs on my plate she will want every bite.


Clothes:  She is in 12 month clothes. She is in size 3 shoes, and size 5 diaper during the day and size 6 at night.  I just put her in her first real tennis shoes this weekend, and she looks so grown up in them!

Sleeping:  We have been putting her to bed around 7:30/8. If you lay her on her stomach and just pat her back, she just goes right to sleep. She generally stays asleep most of the night. She hardly sleeps past 7am. She still has two naps a day, and she is really sticking to two hour naps. However, we can push her a little when we have something going on, and she can make due with one nap. However, she will tell you that she is ready to go to bed. She just grabs her blanket and goes to her crib on her own, or she will lay down on her whale blanket in the living room.


Likes:  She still loves her robe. She is obsessed with shoes and bags. She adores George and Crosby. My mom is her best friend. She would live outside if we let her, and she loves her water table. She is a little vain right now, and she loves looking at herself in the mirror and in my camera on my phone. Her favorite toys are magna tiles and legos. Her favorite show is Sesame Street with Elmo.


Dislikes:  Diaper Changes. Being told no. Being left alone.

Milestones: This girl is so smart. She is really getting the hang of doing things on her own. She can undo zippers. She can draw a little bit now. She is starting to hop, and she all but runs. She brushes her teeth on her own, and she will have her first dentist appointment tomorrow.


Nicknames:  Daphie, Sisterbear, Sis, and Daphie Girl. The two most common are still Daph and Sister.

Quirks:  When she wants to sit in your lap, she walks backwards to you. She still sucks her finger through the hole in her pacy. And she still will only use the newborn pacies from the hospital. She barks at the dogs. She keeps getting her legs stuck in her crib, bad enough once that Tom thought he would have to break it to get her out of there.


We parents are: doing pretty great. I think we are still feeling out this whole being a normal family with regular hours. Overall it has been an easy adjustment. Making plans has been so nice!  We are able to have weekly traditions, and Tom can be involved in everything. It is more like we are a team at home too, which is definitely an added bonus. He is loving his new job and is feeling valued there. And we are regulars at a restaurant downtown. The owner knows my drink before I even order it! One of the coolest things to happen to me.

George is: like a sour patch kid with her. One minute he’ll be trying to find a pacy for her to calm her down and saying, ” I need to take care of my sister.” Then the next minute he will be pushing her down and yanking toys out of her hands. We are working on appropriate behavior and how to express our emotions even when they are very big emotions.

The dogs are: just the big dopey dogs that they always are. They really have the best life of us all. They do really well with Daph, even though she is kind of always in their way. She is always climbing on Crosby, and he doesn’t seem to mind.


She may look like her daddy, but this girl is making a name for herself.

Here is George at 16 months.

George Gabs

I could listen to George talk all day. His sweet little voice just melts my heart, and he says some of the funniest things. So I want to start documenting those things before I forget.


Here are some of the phrases and words that he has had.

For the longest time he called his cousin Ava, Eva.

He likes to drop parts of words like “liveries” is deliveries, and “arm” is alarm.

Broccoli is “backoli.”

A piggy bank is a “moneyer.”

Uses is “oozes.”


Caterpillar is “lalapiller.”

Pretzels is “printzels.”

He says “full it up” for fill it up. And “hot it up” to warm things.

For a long time he called a police car a race car.


We live next to the capital of Missouri, and every time we drive by, George says “There’s the catapult.”

A yoyo is a “sticker roller.”

A peacock is a “peahock.”

Before we got chickens, he used to call them “brockers.”

A pepperoni pizza is a “macaroni pizza.” He does know the difference of pasta macaroni.


A chimney is a “smoker arm.”

An ostrich is a “raustid.”

Fire sparks are “jumpers.”

A microwave is a “counterwave.”

He is so smart, but there are moments where he uses these phrases that remind me how small he really is.


My Georgie

Today you turn FOUR.


The day you were born I knew that everything I expected about parenting was thrown out the window.

Experiencing the NICU with you, I was terrified. I felt like it was a mistake to be trusted to take care of you since I couldn’t keep you out of harms way as soon as you came out. You didn’t come with an instruction book. No matter how many books or articles that I read, I knew watching your sweet face fight to breathe on your own that I would fight to catch my own breath for years to come when I look at your face.


You are nothing like I imagined, but you are everything I need. It was no mistake that we were put together.

I still have no idea what I am doing most days, but we are on this ride together.


You make me laugh every single day with your stories. I love listening to your sweet voice. I wish I could just record all of our conversations. You see the world for its beauty and simplicity, and you remind me all the time to pause and to breath it all in. How you piece things together is astonishing to me.


You are so smart, and I am so proud of everything that you learned this year. You know your ABCs, and you can write most of your letters. You know how to spell your name, and you can count to 20. You love doing crafts and infusing your own imagination into it all. You sing the sweetest songs, and I hope I never forget how you sound right now. You know things like what a counter weight is and why it is necessary. You use words like humongous and adorable and a whole host of adverbs that I feel are above a 4 year olds vocabulary.


You had new experiences this year like Vacation Bible School and Gymnastics which both made it clear you have no concept of how to stand in lines.

You are so passionate, and you love so hard. Georgie, I hope you never lose that sense of wonder towards those around you. I wish I had your confidence and commitment.


Energy just pours out of you, and while it can be frustrating trying to reign that in at times, it is also one of the things I love most about you. When you put your mind to something, you go all in. I also love how much you release your emotions through your facial expressions. Your face tells me everything I need to know about how you are feeling inside. I hope that you never lose that sense of sharing your feelings with me or the world.


And I forever want to remember this time where you hardly go anywhere without your purple shoes (crocs), and that you put your pants on backwards because the drawstrings give you a tail.


Ever since you were born, God has been teaching me to let go of you and trust in the plans He has for you. You have been my greatest teacher. As I said last year, I continue to pray that I can gracefully let you go and let you grow, even though it may leave me breathless.


Georgie, you bring so much life to our days. My favorite moment of every day is waking you up and seeing the smile on your face as you embrace the day.


You are my bestest boy. I can’t wait to see how you continue to grow and see how you knock the wind out of me this year.


Hot Air Balloon Party

Since George’s birthday is this week, I figured I should finally post about Daphne’s first birthday party that happened in May.


I am not an event planner by any means, but I love planning their parties.

I knew I wanted to do this hot air balloon theme almost as soon as she was born. It is so sweet for a sweet little girl.


I got this invitation from this shop on Etsy.

We also used these invitations for the centerpieces. My sister-in-law blew it up, and just cut out the balloon. Then she put it with some other balloons in these gold jars she had. We used battery pack lights in the clouds.


Emily also made a huge hot air balloon photo booth prop.


I did her monthly photos in balloons hung up like they were flying. I found some scrapbook paper that fit the color scheme, and then just used construction paper for the basket parts. I didn’t get a great picture of them at the party, so here was from the night I made them.

We got her onsie from this Etsy shop, and the skirt was from Carters.



And every girl needs a wardrobe change at her parties. Her grandma got this bubble suit from Target.


Tom made the board for the gift table, and then my mom painted the picture. Whenever we change her to a big girl bed, we’ll try to incorporate this into the theme. It is so beautiful.


For the favors, I got these tags from this Etsy shop. I glued them to little favor boxes I got from Party City. Then I filled them with cotton candy I had gotten from the dollar store.

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party Favor Bag Tags; Digital or Printed

Y’all Hy-Vee impressed me once again! They provided me with two cakes. This is the one that I initially ordered. I just took in a picture and they were able to do just what I wanted. When they found out that it was for a smash cake, they made me a smaller version for free! My love continues to grow for Hy-Vee.


I think there were two many people around that Daphne was a little conservative going into the cake.

She ate it at her pace, and she was insistent she was not going to become a spectacle. The videos were pretty anti-climatic.

It was the perfect first birthday for the most perfect little girl.


She has already grown so much since this party, and I can’t wait to see where she goes before the next party.