Lego Birthday Party

It only seemed natural to have a Lego birthday party for our boy this year. He is obsessed with all things Lego and building is his favorite past time.


It was one of he easiest parties we have put together mostly due to the fact that Legos are so popular. It was simple to find all the things I needed, and usually at a great price because I could actually shop around.


We brought all of George’s Legos and used them for all kinds of decorations. We put a handful at each table so kids (or adults) could DIY the table centerpieces.



I got the tablecloth and balloons from Amazon. My sister-in-law made the sign. It’s handy to have artsy people in the family!


These cute little crayons were our party favors. The boxes I got a the Dollar Store, and then the crayons I got on Etsy and Amazon.


I got the cake and cupcakes from Hy-Vee. And then these little sweet-tart Lego candies from Amazon. We still have tons of these candies!


George picked out the candles himself at the Dollar Store.

IMG_6031 (2)

Whatever Legos weren’t being used for the centerpieces, we just had them out for everyone to create.  I used extra tablecloths on the walls for more decoration in the Lego creation areas. We had everything from Mega Blocks, Duplos, and little Legos. The kids seemed to really love it, and I loved watching George with his friends and family making things.


Not to toot my own horn, but the pinata was the best idea I had for this party. Amazon had a Lego one, so it was perfect. The pinata itself came with little toys and then we just bought big candy bags to stuff the pinata. The pinata also came with a stick and a blindfold.

One of the “birthday packs” on Amazon that came with the balloons and tablecloth also came with these party bags which were perfect for picking up the guts of the pinata.  This was so fun, and great for all ages! Watch the video at the end for snippets of it!


Daphne’s shirt actually came from my in-laws when George was her age. So it was the perfect hand-me down for the event!


George’s shirt was perfect for the event with its Lego stitching. I am sad that he has already outgrown it! I got it on Etsy.

This was also the first time we opened gifts in front of people, and George’s reactions delivered!


This kid’s spirit only grows as each year passes. It was so fun to watch him with all the things and people he loves at his party.


Here is a fun video recapping the day.

And to keep the videos going, here is a recap of his fifth year!

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