August is insane in Higher Ed, so I am back for another GratiTuesday to keep me in check.

This last week was jam-packed, but there were some definite good moments.

My sister-in-law and I went to our yearly baseball game with our favorite Missouri teams. I love this tradition we have. It’s hard not to have a good time when the atmosphere is baseball, and hot dogs are available. I am so thankful for this time with my seester in matching shirts.


At work, we have a new system that we have been working on configuring all summer. I am part of the core team, and I am the campus administrator moving forward. There was a lot of pressure with the timeline and all the decisions we had to make about implementation. It has pretty much consumed my life, but there have been so many positive out of the configuration process. I have gotten to connect with people around the institution that I had either little contact or none before this. I always enjoy creating relationships and understanding how other offices work. I am really proud of all that we have accomplished over the past few months, and we went live with the product this week. The response to the system has been overwhelmingly positive. I am really looking forward to all the possibilities it is going to bring and how it will help us be more intentional with students.

Today, my office did a planning retreat. It was a great space to share our vision and talk about pain points and new ideas. I love the women I work with, and they really inspire me with their passion and dedication to our students. We talked through a lot of things today, and I am really excited about the year and how we plan to support our students. I am thankful for that time with the people I work with.

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