Whole 30 Week 1

We made it through the first week!

I thought I would give you a run-down of my feelings each day.

Day 1

I should have done my research. June 1st is National Donut Day. Why did I choose to start on this day of all days? I love donuts. And one of my sweet colleagues brought in my favorite just for me, and I had to refrain! Ugghhhhh. This was difficult but I managed.

Other than that, the day was not so bad. I just became keenly aware of what had sugar in it.

Day 2

I wanted chocolate so bad this day. This is my Achilles heel when it comes to junk food. It was all I could think about it.

We had done some shopping to get us through a couple days, but we had not done the big Whole30 shopping trip. Holy cow this Whole30 stuff is expensive! I am embarrassed by how much we spent with all the different foods to load up instead of our normal snacks. How do people sustain this? No wonder it is only 30 days. People would go broke! Or maybe we are doing this wrong?

I was a little lethargic this day. All I wanted was a nap.

Day 3

Really how am I not going to have chocolate for a whole month. This is ridiculous.

Tom quit this day. He realized that this would not be feasible with his cop life. He almost passed out doing yard work. He also was extremely cranky this weekend, which is not supposed to happen until Day 4 and 5.

I didn’t really feel any physical changes this day. I did try coffee without my creamer and sugar. Gross. How is this cardboard tasting drink desirable? No thank you.

Day 4

This day I was in a fog all day. It was very hard to focus. I am not really sure how I got through the day. This was a Monday, so that may be a contributing factor.

All the websites say that Day 4 and 5 are the days that you want to kill everyone around you. Both my mom and I did not feel this way. So I guess that is a bonus.

Day 5

The morning drive is really difficult. I am really lethargic. However other than that, I don’t feel much different. I just have cravings for things. I went to a movie this night, so that was tempting to have my traditional movie snacks. And then I really wanted to go to McDonald’s on my way home.

Day 6

I really needed either gum or peppermints after my lunch, and that isn’t allowed on Whole30. These rules are dumb.

I am still not felling any different, but these cravings are intense. Chocolate better taste as good when this is all over!

Also La Croix is not good in my opinion.

Day 7

We made it a week. Only 23 more days to go!

I tried Nut Pod creamer for my coffee. Not any better-still cardboard. So I guess I am drinking water this whole time.

Observations over the week

This takes a lot of prep time. Whether it is meal planning and researching, or prepping food for the week to take to work, it takes dedication. I think that is what is going to kill me over everything else. So much time!

It is astonishing how much sugar is hidden in items. I feel like an idiot that I have never noticed that there are so many meats that have added sugar.

Really the only difference I noticed was on my drive into work. I really struggled to be awake. I am not sure if they are related to this or the fact that Daphne didn’t sleep well this week. Only time will tell I guess.

New Recipe/Foods

This egg casserole recipe was great. I was worried about not having cheese in my eggs because either cheese or bread accompanies my eggs for as long as I can remember. I don’t eat eggs plain. But this casserole was really good. I cooked it on the weekend and split it up for the week. I put guacamole and salsa on top, which also helped with the absence of cheese.

Banana chips and guacamole-get to the store and eat these! When my sister-in-law shared this idea, I thought she was gross. (Sorry Emily!) I really despise dried bananas, and I thought they would taste similar. They are NOTHING like trail mix bananas. And put some guacamole on it. So good! They are a great alternative to chips, and a great filler. I will definitely eat this snack after this is all over.

Item Switch to Highlight

I really enjoy salads, but the dressing really is clutch for me. Most common dressings have sugar in them, so I had to find something. My sister-in-law shared Primal Kitchen with me, and I haven’t found a dressing of theirs that I don’t like. I have tried the Greek, Honey Mustard and Ranch. All delicious. And I find that I don’t use as much as other brands.

All in all, I am glad we are doing this for the educational pieces. It’s only been a week, so I won’t be skeptical on the results just yet even though it hasn’t seem to really affect me much throughout the whole day.

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