Just a Day in July

Every once in a while I like to do a post of what a day looks like for us. Since my maternity leave is coming to a close, I figured documenting what this time has looked for us was a must.

Here is a day from this past month.


Daphne is sleeping through the night, so I have been waking up when the kids get up around 6am. (The past two weeks I have been getting up to pump at 5am.)

Generally, George is up before Daphne. He often is awake for awhile before I actually hear him. I don’t know what it is, but he will not leave his room before we come and get him. Sometimes I find him just playing or reading in his bed; other days he is just playing quietly on the floor. Then there are some days he is still sleeping at 7am. This is a big reason why we moved to pull-ups because he won’t come and get us and would pee in his room.

We watch some cartoons before heading out for the day.


Tom has been on midnights, so he gets home before I take George to the sitter. I love watching these moments between these two.

I then wake Daphne up and feed her while Tom and George watch some Paw Patrol.

George likes to eat his breakfast bar in the car, and we always say a prayer before we head out. We are working on George contributing to prayers so we always asking him what he is thankful for. Sometimes we have some interesting conversations with Jesus.


After I drop George off at the sitter, Daphne and I have been going for walks. I will have to say that continuing to take George to the sitter was one of the best decisions of this maternity leave. It has allowed us time to really bond with Daphne, but also a little more freedom to do errands and get stuff done around the house. Doing stuff with a newborn is so much easier than doing the same stuff with a toddler.



I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a to-do list every day. I haven’t been trying to exert myself, but I usually have one big thing I want to get done that day. This can be anything from washing dishes to organizing our storage. I also try to plan all my errands for the week to get done in one day.


Otherwise, we have spent a lot of time catching up on shows. I have been really into Criminal Minds lately. I can only watch it during the daylight, and I can’t watch more than two episodes at any given time. It starts messing with my head.

Daphne supervised me doing laundry this day.

Then we pick up George and play a little before dinner.


We have been doing pretty good about making a real dinner every night, and we have been trying new recipes in hopes to find easy stuff for once I go back to work. Also roasted veggies are the best!


After dinner, Tom gives George a bath and I walk with Daphne. George loves getting clean in our bathroom. He loves our tub for the bubbles, and he is obsessed with our big shower.

Tom gets some bedtime snuggles with George before he starts to get ready for work.


After feeding her for the last time of the day, I read a story to Daphne before putting her to bed a little before 8.


Once Daphne is down, I start getting George ready for bed. All the while, Tom is getting his uniform on. Some days George does well with brushing his teeth, other days I have to physically hold him down to get the job done. We have to switch tactics every few weeks to make sure those teeth get clean. This was a good day.


Lately, we have started to do puzzles before bed in addition to reading books. It’s a good time to work on his vocabulary and how to match. He is obsessed with puzzles and is really good at them!

And of course we go to the bathroom one more time before bed.

Usually Tom leaves the house amidst the bed time chaos, so we have to stop for our goodbye ritual. George LOVES to wave in the windows and sprints from window to window to catch as much Daddy time as he can. This night he wanted to assess his driving more than actually waving…I think he forgets that Tom cannot hear him.

Then we go back to reading our stories. He has his favorites like this one where there are train figurines that go along with each page.


I loved that I happened to be recording this particular day because this prayer was everything. Normally, George is thankful for his sitter (Brenda) and the boys there, but rarely do Tom and I get mentioned. So it was extra sweet to catch this moment.

Around 8:30/8:45 both kids are finally in bed. The nice thing about midnight schedule, is that I get some much needed introvert time. Typically, I watch an hour or two of TV and play around on the computer. This day I happened to be working on the blog.


George is scared of the dark so we leave his bedside table lamp on so he can fall asleep in the light. Oddly enough he does fall asleep pretty quickly. He may get up to get toys to sleep with, but I always find him asleep before I go to bed.

Usually I find him in a precarious position laying on toys. So I move him around and put the toys on the table before turning of his light.


Typically, I am in bed and asleep before 11.

And that is how my summer has gone. Just a perfect summer.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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