Daphne-One Week

Thank you for your kind words in response to our birth story. While it was traumatic in some ways, it also brought us our beautiful baby girl. We are so excited to watch her grow, and of course I am going to document the journey here.


Weight:  She is 6 lbs. She was 6 lbs 10 oz when she was born and 18 and 3/4 inches long. She weighs more than George at this point, but he was longer than her.

Health: She is perfectly healthy!


Diet: She is eating just breastmilk. She latches like a champ, but she doesn’t nurse for very long. She usually does only 5-10 minutes each feeding. She ends up falling asleep. If anyone has advice on how to keep her awake to eat more I am all ears. We are nursing every 2-3 hours. I am pumping at least once a day because of engorgement though. It never hurts to start the stock up for when I go back to work.

Clothes: She is still very tiny. She can fit into premie onsies, but full premie sleepers are too short for her. She is still a couple weeks away from completely filling out newborn clothes. I am not upset about that because it means we get to wear clothes a little longer. Although she has so many clothes that she may only wear things once anyway. She is in newborn diapers.

Sleeping:  She pretty much sleeps all day. I feel like we are getting a little more sleep than we did with George. I remember crying in sleep deprivation a lot more with him. We do our last feeding before I get into bed around 11, and then she will wake up around 2:30/3, and then not again until 6ish. That’s when George wakes up as well, so that begins our day. I will take it!


Likes:  It’s hard to say what she likes right now. I guess boobs?

Dislikes:  She is pretty chill. The only time she cries is right after we have given her a bottle. She screams in protest until I let her nurse. She will have just eaten 2 oz with a bottle but will throw a fit until I feed her naturally. Other than that, she doesn’t cry too much yet.


Nicknames: Sister Friend, Girlfriend, Sweet Cheeks, DC, Daphie and Daph.

Quirks:  It’s hard to say right now. She doesn’t really cry; she just makes squeaks right now when she gets hungry. Girl has the longest toes I have ever seen.


We parents are:  Not doing too bad considering we haven’t had a full night sleep in awhile. Tom is a really light sleeper so anytime Daphne makes a noise he is up checking on her. And I never sleep more than 2 hours at a time with feeding her. So it can be a little rough, but we are making do. It is nice this time because Tom actually has off for the next month with me. Our house should be done here in the next week or two. We were able to move into the bedrooms this weekend, and we are just waiting on the bathrooms and some things on the outside to be completely finished. It is nice that we have this time at home to take our time moving things and decorating the way we want instead of feeling rushed on a weekend. We are absolutely in love with how things have turned out! So besides the sleep, we don’t have any real big complaints!


George is:  doing so much better than expected. I am going to write a post soon about his reaction to Sister and all the changes since coming home. He calls her Baby and Sister. He is very curious about breastfeeding and mommy’s milk. He thinks that I have booboos that Sister is kissing better.

The dogs are: doing just fine. I think they love the fact that we are all home all the time right now. They are pretty clingy and want our attention a lot. Grace tried to get in the pack and play with Daphne the first couple nights we were home. She likes to lick her head too. Crosby could care less about Daphne, but he seems to have grown closer to George. He is now sleeping in his bed with him.


And I am totally going to be that parent and compare her to her big brother. Here is George at two weeks old.

5 thoughts on “Daphne-One Week

  1. I always had to strip my babies down to their diapers when I was feeding them. They would not fall asleep feeding this way.

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