All Our Eggs In One Basket

Here is a summary of our Easter weekend.

Egg hunts, candy, constantly humming “Christ is Risen,” sugar comas, digging in dirt piles, family, and trying to talk a 2.5 year old off his sucker/fruit snack addiction.

It was really a great weekend celebrating the miracle that is the Resurrection with our family. AND Tom was off all weekend, which is the icing on the bunny shaped cookie.

Here are some of the snapshots of our weekend.




At first, Mr. Man wanted to open each one as we picked them up.


This was George’s Easter treats from us. Cars was the theme. He loves Mater, so when I saw this Mater pillow on Amazon, I knew he had to have it. All the books were cars related, and he got a set of matchbox cars to increase his collection.


One of my favorite things about moving back to MO is to watch our kids grow up together. Cousins are so much fun! And George loves his “Aba.”


George was spying on the terrain where the eggs were going, and also on the birdies on Papa’s porch.



The kids with Grama!

The weather was soooo nice this weekend. We played outside in the dirt a lot. He loves HIS dirt. He says goodbye to it every morning. He also has to do the same to the sitter’s garden dirt everyday before we leave her house. It is really cute, but it also has caused some major meltdowns when he can’t play in it whenever he wants. (Which is why we started saying goodbye so there could be some closure if there wasn’t time to play.)


I always will cherish holidays we get to all be together. It doesn’t always happen with Tom’s job, so we will take what we can get!

It’s really fun to watch George experience the holiday. He talked about the eggs all weekend. Watching his little brain take everything in makes my day!

Also I just realized this is the last big holiday we will celebrate with just George. What the what?

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