Bachelor Nick Week 10

It’s the Women Tell All Week, which is one of my favorite episodes. And we saw how the other two overnights went.

  • So that weird montage of Raven frolicking around Finland is insinuating that they did it. This is odd.
  • That cross country skiing looks awful.
  • I don’t understand how Nick and Rachel aren’t together after this date…They seem like the most natural couple. I mean he says that he is falling for her too. I am so confused.
  • Why is this ice bath even a thing? I am enjoying watching their reactions walking back. I don’t think the ice bath is a fear Nick. It is just stupid.
  • I don’t think that Vanessa and Nick will end up together for the sake that they both want to stay in their own countries.
  • That ring on Vanessa’s finger looks like a Clemson class ring…And i just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find out where she went to school.
  • And now we all can breathe with Rachel off. Answers NICK!
  • You are giving me nothing Nick. We all know Rachel is amazing. What happened?
  • I think Nick likes a difficult woman-both Raven and Vanessa bring their own drama.
  • I apparently didn’t have much thought about this episode…
  • But now comes the “Women Tell All”
  • I need to find people who are at these watch parties to watch the show with. But they need to do all the planning and theming; I will just show up.
  • Oh my goodness these sorority women went CRAZY…
  • Those clear plastic chairs look so uncomfortable.
  • Alexis admits that she was a shark. Thank goodness.
  • Haha Chris trying to get these women to calm down…this is insane. I don’t even know where to look.
  • I don’t think that Taylor was bullying Corinne at all, but I don’t want her to be my counselor with how she conducted herself.
  • I still don’t know how I feel about Liz. I agree that she shouldn’t be shamed for having sex with Nick, but I still feel like some of this is an act. I don’t know, it’s just odd.
  • I would agree that Corinne read into things a little too much. And yes, Corinne you did talk bad about people…
  • Taylor does seem a little stuck up, just saying.
  • I feel like they gave Corinne more time to say her piece..
  • Ok now, they are defending Taylor.
  • Jazmine, no not everyone calls everyone bitches.
  • Everyone didn’t take naps during rose ceremonies, Corinne.
  • Taylor and Corinne are both not seeing what each other are ACTUALLY saying…
  • Why is Jazmine trying to make piece with Corinne but making waves with Taylor?
  • Corinne is living in her own world and doesn’t take other people’s perspectives into account. It doesn’t help when the whole focus of the women tell all was her.
  • Kristina’s interview was beautiful. And yes Liz was right we should be building each other up and not fighting because their is something so much greater. That is like a smack in the face for sure.
  • Yea two and ones are not ideal, but that is part of this experience that you SIGNED UP for. I think Nick handled his response to Danielle’s comments well.
  • Rachel is gorgeous! I am so excited for her, and that is so awesome that the women are so supportive of her. It looks like no one thought ill of her.
  • And Astrid’s comment about taking the left-overs was great!
  • Nick and Rachel are still adorable together.
  • In the previews, they are totally playing up that Nick can’t make up his mind and may end up alone, which is his biggest fear. One more week guys.

Favorites: I could not care less at this point. I go back and forth on who will end up with the final rose. Parts of me think Vanessa because I have loved her from the beginning, but I don’t think the relationship will last on account that they both won’t move to another country. Raven, I think has potential to get the rose but I just don’t see the longevity there either.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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