Bachelor Nick Week 5

We are nearing the midway point of the Bachelor, and it never disappoints in the hot mess.

My thoughts for the week:

  • Maturity and Emotional Intelligence do go hand in hand.
  • I feel like Taylor is trying to be diplomatic about giving Corinne feedback.
  • People are concerned about Taylor? Where is that coming from Corinne?
  • I mean I am not really a fan of Taylor either, but this conversation is just getting to be a drama fest.
  • Well I think that Corinne stays through this rose ceremony because there is still a scene in the previews I haven’t seen yet.
  • Side note:  I love the Beauty and the Beast cast with the “Love Addition”
  • OOOOOHHHHHH Taylor and Corinne both get a rose.
  • Corinne’s drunken confessions…no words.
  • New Orleans only means things are about to get crazier.
  • Rachel gets the 1:1! This is a great date for her.
  • I love the band and dancing in the street. New Orleans is a fun and lively place. Anyone can get swept away by the vibe there.
  • Ahhh live music, this is such a great and realistic date.
  • You can tell Rachel and Nick are jiving.
  • Ok it was a normal date atmosphere until they went to see all the Mardi Gras floats.
  •  This group date makes me miss the South and their landscape.
  • Oh Hell No. I would not want to be on this “haunted” date. I cannot do scary stuff.
  • I would pee my pants in this house.
  • Oh there just happens to be a weejee board. No thank you.
  • I would sit outside the whole time.
  • Raven’s casual love confession seems odd. I am starting to really question Raven..
  • I am jealous of Corinne’s food spread from room service.
  • I mean I don’t believe in ghosts but this would all be super freaky to me. Even though, there is probably someone manipulating everything behind the scenes.
  • You know that the producers fix the two on one. They always have the most dramatic two on this date.
  • Ok Taylor now you sound stuck up.
  • He needs to send both of them home. I am just over this date.
  • I wished they would have shown more of Corinne’s reading. I feel like that was all to feed into the persona.
  • If they don’t show who got this 2:1 rose, I’m going to be pissed. And I will wait until next week like always.
  • I kind of agree with Corinne that it is surprising that Taylor is a counselor.
  • Wow Nick doesn’t even walk Taylor out to talk to her privately. That was really awkward.
  • Again both of them should have gone home.
  • Corinne is crazy.
  • The best thing about this episode was the Beauty and The Beast trailer.
  • Of course it is to be continued…that’s what a series is.

Favorites:  Rachel and Vanessa

And because now my obsession has really gone out of control, I have found myself watching recap videos…

This one shows that Corinne is really this silly in real life. On the other hand, it also make Olivia seem like someone you would want to hang out with.

This one shows that some former contestants have nothing better to do…Also Olivia is practically wearing the same outfit as the video above.

This is Ellen’s staff’s recap…with a special appearance from a former cast member.


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