September Goals

September is one of my favorite months. I love the start of school time. I love fall. I love the song “September” by Earth Wind and Fire.

It is going to be a great month.

Let’s see how I did with August though.

  • Fitness-
    • Do cross-training a couple times a week. I managed to do this. I did some boxing and yoga.
    • Keep up with my 10K training. I was doing really well until last week when I got the back to school flu and birthday prep. I am hoping to get back on it this week.
  • House Tasks-

    • Organize George’s toys-I did this with his toys and clothes. Just in time to make room for all his new trucks.
  • 08211619140827162042
    • Build a new porch-WE DID THIS! Well Tom did 90% of this. Yay for a handy hubby.
  • 0807161744a
    • Stain the deck-This did not get done mostly because it kept raining on the days that Tom has off. First rule of staining is that your wood needs to be dry.
  • Something with George
    • Introduce him to sidewalk chalk. He loved to put it on his clothes..
  • 0820160904b
    • Celebrate him turning TWO! Yes, and I just cried on the eve of his birthday…
  • Something with Tom-dinner and a movie. We spent a whole day out! Ironically the last movie that we saw together was the last Bourne movie, and that was the movie we saw this month. It was really good! And saw was the Red Lobster and walking through ALL of Target.
  • Something for medo some research to purchase more natural make-up. I did some research, asked around, and tested some products. I think I am going to go with Bare Minerals. I wore it for my wedding and a little afterwards, and I really loved it. I just stopped because of the cost.

Not too shabby!

  • Fitness-
    • Do yoga at least once a week
    • Keep up with my 10K training.
  • House Tasks-

    • Stain the deck
  • Something with George
    • Play in the leaves-Fall.Is.Coming
    • Go to one of the state parks in our area
  • Something with Tom-Go to a Royals Game. We already bought tickets so this shouldn’t be too hard to complete.
  • Something for meFigure out how to use my remote for my camera. I have had the remote for awhile, but I still don’t know how to use it. Family picture time is just around the corner though so it is time.

 What are your goals this month?

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