Bachelorette JoJo Finale

The finale was this week. I wasn’t really into it, but when you put in this much time you have to see it to the end.

  • JoJo admitting loving both. It is a bit concerning that she thinks about the other guy with each one. So is that really love?
  • Her mom has a really good point about both of JoJo and Jordan being the center of attention and them being too alike.
  • Jordan said “me” a lot and not in the right way grammatically.
  • Why do we still put so much emphasis on asking for permission to marry the girl? While it is nice in theory to feel like you have their blessing, but why isn’t it both ways with the woman being expected to do the same with the in-laws? I say that, and I didn’t ask Tom’s family…
  • Do you think they pick out the gifts for the families on their own? How real is that part?
  • Wait Robbie, you wanted to marry her on your first date? How is that real?
  • There was not as much emphasis on the brothers this time as with Ben. And still nothing from her sister…
  • When Robbie and JoJo were talking about being in love, you could see the skeptisism on her family’s faces.
  • I think her family is spot on with Jordan being a good NYE date.
  • Robbie’s speech to JoJo’s parents was very sweet.
  • I still think she is going to pick Jordan because the heart and lust sometimes get confused.
  • JoJo gets her bluntness questioning honestly. Her family is so straightforward.
  • JoJo’s sister is just there for a free ride. She has said nothing…
  • Robbie is so forward. They are cute, but there is something that is just dinging that something fake here.
  • That boat with Jordan…That seems so romantic and special.
  • Jordan seems to talk football announcer play by play when he is doing his interviews..
  • I do think Jordan has a point that it wasn’t right to ask JoJo’s parents when he doesn’t actually know how she feels. This is so weird.
  • Why is she pushing so hard for Jordan when she has all these doubts?
  • JoJo reading Jordan’s letter…I don’t know how to read her.
  • I thought she was going to pick Robbie before Jordan’s letter now.
  • Um they both have really nice handwriting.
  • Well part of this process is that someone has to feel the pain. Remember you last season?
  • AHHHH Robbie is first!
  • Why do they let them talk first…she needs to stop Robbie.
  • She has said that to everyone that she wanted it to be them…Luke, Chase, Robbie…
  • It has been Jordan since day one, and we all know it.
  • Robbie was a gentlemen wishing her happiness and good luck.
  • No telling him you loved him does not help!
  • I do love watching proposals. Somebody get proposed in front of me please!
  • Well I wish the best for them and apparently they are moving in together but they have some hurdles to overcome.

 Did you watch the finale? What do you think of this season?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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