Bachelorette JoJo Week 7

This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. During the hometowns, there is so much to dissect on how people grew up. Their houses always look so perfect…do you think ABC helps orchestrate that?

  • Chase is up first. It has to be hard knowing that there are three others after you.
  • Divorce does create a wall. Unfortunately, you have a hard time trusting your feelings when it comes to love. I appreciate Chase’s words about it as well as how difficult it could be for someone who comes from parents who have been married for decades to understand. (Tom and I have had conversations about these differences A LOT. I come from divorce, and his parents have been married 40 years.)
  • Apparently they all have “wounds” she didn’t realize was there.
  • Chase’s house is lovely….and very clean. Oh wait the stairs aren’t done…there you have it.
  • That was awkward timing to confront of his dad why it didn’t work out with his mom.
  • Love is more than just a word.
  • I don’t want Chase to force saying it though. Yes it is something you need to have, but don’t just say it because you think you need to.
  • Chase talking to his mom made me cry. All I could think about is someday I will be talking to George about his love. Not ready.
  • Jordan taking JoJo to his high school-I don’t know how I feel about it. It seems weird to live in his glory days.
  • Hot library romance. My kind of date!
  • The whole Aaron Rogers brother thing seems weird…I have felt that he is always seemingly a down to earth guy. It is odd that his entire family doesn’t talk to him.
  • Ahhh JoJo loves Jordan!
  • It makes me a little nervous that she is so scared of Jordan. It seems like she knows her heart is telling her that it is a bad idea, but there is so much attraction that she wants to stay in it.
  • Can we talk about how nice Jordan’s parent’s place is? Wowza.
  • St. Augustine seems like a place I want to visit!
  • Have you ever noticed the women never have purses? I am sure her handlers have all her personal items, but I would feel naked and out of place without my handbags full of chapstic and snacks.
  • I LOVE Robbie’s family. They just seemed so lovely. It is just fueling my desire to have a big family.
  • I think this ex gf social media drama is getting Robbie off the show.
  • Or maybe I am wrong since she told his MOM that she was falling in love with Robbie.
  • I mean Luke is from Texas so that seems just perfect for her.
  • Oh goodness, that is intimidating to meet so many people at this picnic.
  • Luke’s dad is just precious. He gave some really good advice but was very supportive.
  • I want their property. So beautiful.
  • You can tell she wants to say I love you to Luke.
  • THIS IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING. Luke is wonderful.
  • Jojo looks great in blue.
  • Wait JoJo’s facial expressions to Luke are odd when he pulled her aside to talk to her in the hangar. What do you mean it changes things? You obviously were fawning all over him during the family date? Were you going to send him home? I didn’t see that coming!
  • Luke is your best life partner.
  • If you make a mistake, you find someone else and will make it work. That’s how it works. You could always pull a Mesnick.
  • Really!!!! You pulled me along for two hours and then you didn’t even tell me who she picks?!? I hate it when you do that to me. Of course I am coming back next week. You don’t need to tease me.
My favorites: Luke and Chase. Chase got back on the radar with the way he talked about his emotions and his development.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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