Bachelorette JoJo Week 6

After another week off, here is another episode of our favorite drama.

  • Alex with the one on one…maybe she will come to the conclusion there is no chemistry. Yes I am judging.
  • They just seem like they are more like friends.
  • That bus sounds like it is going to break, but it looks really cool. Also I have never been on a public bus.
  • The rapping was pretty solid on the bus, but it was almost too good to be on the fly. Also they have a lot doowap group moments in this season.
  • That horse whisperer…my jaw dropped to the ground when he started petting it like a dog.
  • I still don’t see a relationship with Alex. It seems very forced and just because of the horse is making it magical.
  • Watching people kiss is weird.
  • I am finding this scene with the horse to be very odd. Aren’t there like horse flies around? That’s all I would be concerned about.
  • Watching JoJo when Alex say he is falling in love with her was really awkward.
  • I appreciate that JoJo is upfront about how she feels.
  • I called it. She doesn’t feel it with Alex.
  • That timing does suck though that he confesses his feelings and she is like nope.
  • Ok Bachelor, you aren’t even trying to make it appear like they are eating with the table basically being at their feet.
  • And then there is Jordan who has so much chemistry with her.
  • Guys, grape stomping is gross.
  • Y’all are drinking grape juice…
  • Wow Jordan is airing out family laundry for Aaron Rogers. I would never have called that Aaron wasn’t close to his family.
  • That’s more of the reaction you want when you tell someone you love them.
  • A slumber party date?
  • This makes me not want to eat french fries…
  • I always hated truth or dare at slumber parties. I didn’t like sharing stuff and wasn’t brave enough to do anything.
  • Ok James, stirring things up is sad.
  • The three men and JoJo cozying up on the bed is weird. Just weird. (I guess dating them all at one time is also weird.)
  • That is pretty funny they are watching the Bachelor equivalent on the date. I wish they would have shown more commentary on that.
  • I think Robbie is getting the rose on the date.
  • Chase isn’t opening fast enough, he seems like a great guy though.
  • I think she wants to like James, but he is more of a best friend for her.
  • James isn’t super confident in himself.
  • Robbie has a point, that none of them know fully what the other relationships are.
  • Chase and James seem very drunk and somber in the limo.
  • That’s like the perfect date for Luke. Laid-back and outdoorsey.
  • Luke is the one JoJo.
  • James needed to go home. He was letting the drama affect his personality.
  • Those scalp things are amazing!
My favorite: still just Luke. But I have a feeling Jordan will stay until the end.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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