Bachelorette JoJo Week 4

And we’re baaaaack! I didn’t know what to do with myself last week with the hiatus. Here are my thoughts on this week’s episode.


  • The protein ashes ceremony to say goodbye to Chad. My mind is just a mess of thoughts from that. Wow.
  • Actually you will see Chad again guys..It’s called the “Men Tell All” episode.
  • I can only shake my head at Chad. I also think they made this interaction to be a lot bigger than it was on the previews. Anti-climatic folks.
  • Jordan kind of turned me off with his “trying to be a bigger guy” conversation with Chad.
  • This celebrating Chad going home is turning into a weird party…but it’s nice they are all bros.
  • They certainly have made this season about Chad, and now they can only still talk about Chad.
  • There are hidden agendas since you are all going after the same girl. You wouldn’t share game plays with the opposing team.
  • Chase getting those big bumper things was really cute. Way to lighten the mood.
  • Now Evan needs to go.
  • What is it with people writing poems on this show? Do these guys really write them outside of this realm?
  • I can’t blame these guys with roses already trying to get more time. This is an arena that you are trying to marry this lady. As Jordan said, “I am in this for me.”
  • Did anyone else catch that JoJo shortened the “rose ceremony” to “see you at the rose?” Man the English language has gotten lazy.
  • I think men’s dress shoes are sometimes weird looking and are big like clown shoes.
  • Of course you don’t know what she is thinking because you don’t know her.
  • Ughhhh, why Evan.
  • Daniel’s exit interview. Yes your personality stinks, and so do your comebacks. Better luck getting hit by lightning while you are shaving?
  • Ok so add Uruguay to places I would like to visit.
  • Man, they all looked pissed when Jordan got the one on one.
  • They sure did turn on Jordan fast with not trusting him.
  • Wait wait! I didn’t know they could have magazines! And now they are turning on JoJo.
  • Tom says that this is shady. That out of millions of Americans, JoJo is magically going to meet Jordan’s ex-girlfriend. Right…
  • This conversation about Jordan’s ex was awkward, but I think it is good to address it since he wasn’t mature during that relationship.
  • The fame that goes with this show can obviously be hard on people who have not been part of it before. That article by her ex seems awful and from what she is saying all for money.
  • That was nice that they comforted JoJo, but just 10 hours earlier they were not on her side…Also did it look like she was straining to make real tears to anyone else?
  • I thought they would be on dune buggies. Sand surfing sounds cool, but looks very dangerous (says the mom).
  • Luke seems very supportive, and they (him and JoJo) seem to mesh really well.
  • The jealousy has to be running rampant at this point.
  • Y’all are coming apart at the seams.
  • I would not want to jump off that cliff without knowing what I am jumping into.
  • I am not sure what Alex’s angle is…but his cockiness is off-putting. He is becoming the new bad guy for me.
  • How can Robbie say that he loves her when this is their first actual date?
  • Sometimes I think the guys have more drama than the gals.
  • I think Derek has merit to confront these guys, but I would have maybe done it one on one because people like Alex seem to thrive on the power of the group.
  • I love JoJo’s green dress.
  • Oh Evan…I feel bad for you dude.
  • Vinny, I just didn’t see that crying coming. Poor guy.
  • AHHHH does she love two people?

My favorites: Luke, James Taylor, and Chase.

As always I love this show.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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