The Do It Dad

When Tom gets a project in his mind, he just does it.

And when the project is for George, there is no stopping him.

He loves taking Gdubs out to the shop with him. George is also obsessed with the shop so it works out. Whenever he gets out of the car, he starts sprinting towards the garage and throws a fit if he can’t get in there. Clarification, George is the one sprinting. Tom is the grown-up here.

George tries to open the door himself.


George loves to help Tom. It started out with Tom making George a mini shovel, and it has spiraled into Tom making an entire set of miniature tools and machines for him out of spare wood.


George is very aware of what each machine does and wants to be part of the process.


This is where his independence sores.


While he has no fear in this shop, he is fairly respectful of the capabilities of these items.


He surprisingly has not gotten hurt once out here. The driveway however is a different beast. He is going to be covered in scrapes and bruises his whole life because he tries going faster than his little legs will carry him.


Watching them bond is so very special.


Tom is so good with him out here and makes sure to create an experience that George thrives in and will enjoy.


Nothing is sweeter than watching my blue-eyed babes.


He is growing up before our eyes, so these moments out in the shop are priceless.


There are so many lessons yet to be had out here I am sure. It’s moments like this when he is out here kicking it with his dad that I will cherish forever.


Also George climbed up this gate all by himself. So either we start teaching him as he sprints forward, or who knows what he will get into.

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