My Favorite Movies

The Oscars were like a second super bowl at our house. My step-mom was a drama teacher, so she loved this night of Hollywood stars and educating us on the ins and outs of the movie world.

We had ballots, and even though I never really knew what I was voting for it became a fun tradition and sparked a love for cinema.

Now most of my favorites were not seen on the Oscar stage, here are movies that I could watch over and over again. They never get old.

West Side Story

I love love love this movie. I am a sucker for musicals, and for me this is by far one of the best. I loved this growing up, but I developed a personal connection when I was in the pit playing the most amazing saxophone parts when my high school performed it. I can sing all the parts probably in my sleep. I know a lot of the dance numbers. So great!

Singin’ in the Rain

This movie is just so happy. Who doesn’t love watching singing and tap dancing wrapped up in a love story? This is a great movie to just make me feel good.

Miss Congeniality

Apparently movies that make me feel happy is a needed quality to be in my favorite movies category. To me this is uplifting and empowering. I still laugh so hard with this movie even though I know every scene by heart. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses, and I love her in this role.


I like the old version with Audrey Hepburn, not the newer one with Harrison Ford. That one is still good, but you can’t beat Audrey. She is my spirit animal. This movie is funny with a love story intertwined. I have a personal connection to this one as well since this was the senior show my senior year, and I played one of the supporting roles. It was so much fun so I love reliving it with Audrey.

While You Were Sleeping

Another Sandra film that I love. This one is quite humorous as well. A subway ticket woman falls in love with a stranger (who she has never actually talked to), and she finds him in a coma and accidentally pronounces that they are married to his family. Hilariously romantic.

 What are your favorite movies?

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