My Favorite Foods

I could eat all day. My co-workers make fun of me almost daily because every time they pass my office, I have a different snack.

I love that food brings people together. I love events surrounded by food. I love cooking food. I work out so I can eat more food.

Food and me go together like mac and cheese.

Coincidentally, that leads me to my favorite foods list.

Mac and Cheese

I have not found a mac and cheese recipe I do not like. Cheese and pasta, what could be better? I have an emotional connection to mac and cheese too. It was the first meal I knew how to cook on my own. We bonded as kids with our mom when we would make this before our TGIF ritual showings.


I am a chocoholic. I HAVE to eat some form of chocolate every day. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I like it in cookies, in cake, chocolate bars, pudding…so many ways to eat chocolate. I do prefer it if it has nuts in it, and I will chose dark over milk chocolate. However, I do not like white chocolate. Who let that imposter in here?

Salisbury Steak

I love hearty food, and Salisbury steak fits the bill. Hamburger, mushrooms, and gravy. Perfection. No need to say more.

Cheddar Biscuits from Red Lobster

I go to Red Lobster for these specifically. Forget the shrimp scampi, bring me all the biscuits. I have a copy-cat recipe pinned, but I am afraid to make it in case it doesn’t measure up. They are just warm and fluffy and just the perfect amount of buttery and salty. I am salivating just thinking about them.


Growing up, my mom made the best enchiladas. Fortunately for me, she gave me the recipe. They are filled with cheesy goodness. Just yummy in my tummy.

Fried Chicken Wings

I am fairly particular about my chicken wings. I like them fried more than baked, even if I regret it later. I do not Buffalo Wild Wings, just FYI. My favorite are from a local pizza joint in Ames, IA. I dream about those wings and dipping them in a big ol tub of ranch. These are my go to appetizer to order.

Absolutely none of these are that healthy (or at all); I prefer all the fatty goodness of them. Luckily for my arteries, I do not eat these every day. I savor the days that I do.

Except chocolate. That must happen every day.

So who is hungry?

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