Talks with Tom #43

I am late to the ballgame, but I just started playing Candy Crush this month.

WHY is this so addicting?

I got stuck on a level last night, and I voiced my frustration to my husband who has been playing Candy Crush for a long time.

He kept trying to see the level to give me pointers, and I insisted on figuring it out on my own. We also probably looked ridiculous with me trying to hide my screen while he was trying to climb on the armrest to get a peak at the level.

Because you know that this game defines how successful I am as a human being.

And this was Tom’s response:

“You are basically in high school, and I have a PhD in this game. Let me help you.”

Back off I don’t need your help.

Seriously, first world problem is when you are playing this game on your lunch break and you get a 2 hour unlimited life reward right when you should be going back to work.

Sorry George, now you have two parents who are addicted.

Have you played this game? Do you ask for help? Do you find yourself losing time switching candies around?

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