Bachelor Women Tell All Thoughts

Here are my thoughts from this week’s Women Tell All episode.
  • Women tell all…all the drama. Why can’t women keep our mouths shut? What is it about gossiping that is so alluring. I guess that is what I am doing now though…
  • Those chairs look so .
  • Jubilee. My heart goes out to her a little but a little not. She definitely made some poor choices with some comments made, but she also just seems so unsure of herself that she has no idea what she is doing on this stage. Her insecurities made her act in ways she probably doesn’t in a normal day to day scenario.
  • WHY DIDN’T THEY FOCUS MORE ON LEAH’S Lying? I feel like she got off the hook, and she was the worst one in my opinion. She tried hiding how devious she was.
  • Lace. You go figure you out girl! That guy’s tattoo! That gave me the heebeegeebees.
  • Olivia. Oh Olivia. I hate watching people gang up and attack someone. It is very uncomfortable. While I do think that Olivia was a bit of a bully, I don’t necessarily agree with the attacking method. And what is Leah doing trying to defend her? You are the worst of them all. Ugh at least Olivia gives a heartfelt apology. Leah you just kept being a denier. Blegh.
  • When did Shushana become so good with her English? I felt like she hardly talked when she was still on the show, and now she is playing referee for everyone.
  • Caila. I want to give her a hug. I always did like her. It is sad that she got in her own way and then once she finally opened up he was done with her. You can tell that everything is still very fresh for her.
  • LEAHHHHH! She said she lied to protect their relationship. Bullhockey…Relationships never do well when they involved lies.
  • I think Ben tried to be really eloquent with confronting Jubilee about the process and how he isn’t blaming any of them for how the relationship ended. Besides Sean Lowe, I don’t feel like any of the Bachelor’s have handled things as well as Ben.
  • Oh Amanda and Becca really tried to build him back up which was sweet. I think one of them will be the next Bachelorette.
  • There must have been a lot of outtakes because that chicken sure was well-behaved.

I am still Team Lauren. While I do like JoJo, I will still stay behind that I think Lauren and Ben are the most natural.

I think that he knew this whole time that he was madly in love with one of them, but the producers have been playing up the two I love yous for promotion. He has admitted now that he is happily engaged, so the drama will have its a conclusion this week.

Are you watching this week’s finale?

3 thoughts on “Bachelor Women Tell All Thoughts

  1. I thought Leah was the worst villain of the season but she seemed to get a free pass! I really felt badly for Olivia. While I think she made mistakes, I think the show also needed someone to be the villain and showed all of her bad moments. I am still team Lauren too and just want to know who he picks! I really hope it’s Lauren but part of me thinks it’s JoJo.

  2. Yes! Becca or Amanda for the Bachelorette!!!! And I felt horrible for Jubilee! Knowing the adoption culture and a lot of emotional issues those who are adopted struggle with she makes SO MUCH sense! I just want to give her a huge hug!

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