This Week on the Bachelor

Monday nights are my jam. Someday I would love to have Bachelor watching parties in my house!

Here are my thoughts for this week’s episode!

  • Amanda’s kids are adorable. Ben did a good job with them on the beach. But the real questions is, how does Amanda wear that top with two small children. I can’t even wear normal tops without George trying to pull them off, let alone having a strapless get up…What IS your secret Amanda?
  • I feel like anytime they have a “meet the kids” date, it is always on a beach.
  • Why do I not live somewhere where there are food trucks?
  • Whiskey Library? Missouri you are missing out on a lot of things!!!
  • I love the hard questions of skepticism of the families. How can they not wonder how the experience goes of dating more than one person?
  • Ben said that his relationship with Caila was the deepest, and that shocked me. I would not have said that from what we have seen.
  • My heart is exploding over the toy house building. That is such a great idea! However, how come we never see those types of colors in what is sold in stores?
  • Do all these families have little nooks in their houses with perfectly symmetrical double seating? Does anyone else notice that?
  • This season has been relatively drama free, and then there is this letter from JoJo’s ex. I wouldn’t even know how to react. You wonder if they are just trying to ride the 15 minutes of fame train.
  • Also how did she not recognize his handwriting? She read the first page before she questioned it. Nooo.
  • JoJo’s parents’ house is huge! Holy moly.
  • JoJo’s mom is adorable. She is so sweet and totally a cheerleader for her daughter.
  • Ben held his own in that tough family cornering, but I think they have valid points. You can’t blame them for being over-protective. And I do think that the contestants are coached in some ways especially with what they are “allowed” to say.
  • Did anyone else notice that JoJo’s sister never made another appearance after the initial introduction?
  • None of them have said I love you yet going into the rose ceremony.
  • My heart is pounding waiting to see Amanda or JoJo….AHHHHH.
  • I knew that Amanda wouldn’t make it to the end, and it is sad that her girls had to get in the middle of that. Although I guess I am not good with math, but she keeps saying she has never introduced anyone to her kids. Hasn’t it only been a year since her divorce? Her youngest is only two right? How many people has she dated in that time? I guess that statement confuses me.
  • Is it weird to say that was a sweet breakup between Ben and Amanda?
  • I for sure think Lauren is in the final 2, but now after JoJo and Caila’s hometown I am not sure who will be the other! I am still going to go with JoJo. Also I totally called these three being in the final four!

Only a couple more weeks! Who do you have in the final two?

4 thoughts on “This Week on the Bachelor

  1. I couldn’t stand any of the families. Lauren’s was the best of the bunch I think. JoJo’s brothers were rude. And creepy. Caila’s dad reminds me of a grown up MacCauley Culkin. And I never saw that relationship as deep. Amanda’s dad ruined it for Ben.

    I know who wins, so I cannot comment on the final two. But I love your recaps!!

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