This Week on the Bachelor…

Here was what I was thinking on this week’s episode:


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  • Hot AIR BALLOONS! So Jealous! Could they just film Tom and I going on extravagant dates? Would people watch that? Tom is pretty entertaining. I, however…
  • The insecurities is why this show keeps on renewing-Olivia and Jubilee have got to lock it down.
  • Not sure why people are complaining about competing for Ben. Did you not know what you signed up for? This is a romance competition
  • Did anyone else find it awkward that they were learning to speak Spanish and they were saying ‘I love you’ to each other? Even pretending, I don’t know if that was the best move.
  • The interactions when they were picking partners at the cooking event…Yikes!
  • Emily got a little scary and threatening with the knife during the cooking interviews.
  • I don’t think that this is the right environment for Jubilee. I think she is an interesting woman, but I think the dramatics of the show just make her uncomfortable. It must be in her nature to put that guard up when she is scared, and she is just trying to defend her heart. And unfortunately for her, she is being filmed while she is wading through those emotions. I hope she finds what she needs!
  • Olivia lives in her own reality. They said her dish looked like dog poo, but she was sure they won.
  • Teen mom comment…painful to watch. My mouth dropped to the floor and I had even seen it in previews. Then Ben was trying to dig around the topic when he was talking with Olivia to see what she had done with the other women. I do really think she is a product of editing to some degree. Some she has brought on herself, but as I said last week, I feel the production team is highlighting her more awkwardly than any other ‘villan.’ All that aside, whether she was trying to connect with the women on some level or not, the teen mom comment was in bad taste.
  • NOOOOOOO to the cliff hangers. ABC you can’t do this to me. I just spent two hours waiting for the roses to be handed out, and now I have to wait a week to see who Ben chooses? Ridiculous. But also genius on your part because I will be back to watch. Who am I kidding I would be back regardless
  • If you watched Bachelor Live, you saw that Ben falls in love with the two final women and made a comment of making a mistake of letting one go. Are we going to have a repeat Jason Mesnick?

I think it will be Becca and JoJo at the end. Or maybe Lauren B. Those are my top three still. I do like Caila as well.


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2 thoughts on “This Week on the Bachelor…

  1. Olivia is kind of a train wreck, but I also agree that they are editing her to be way worse than she probably is. It’s like she was the only one this season who could kind of be cast as a villain, and they went big. My prediction for the top 2 are jojo and Lauren B, or maybe Lauren B and Amanda? I like Caila but I think her 1 on 1 was too early and she is going to fall behind. I feel like she will be sent home at 4th or 5th. And the cliff hanger? Not cool, ABC. Not cool.

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