Book Review: Daddy Flies

One of my most cherished part of the day is George’s bedtime story.


It’s a special time where I get to watch George learn, and it’s just the two of us.

Generally we read two or three books a night depending on length and the squirminess of Gdubs.

There are definitely books that we don’t read as often because I don’t like them; I know-selfish. Let’s be real, some kid’s books are weird and are just painful for me as the parent to endure.

So when we find books that are pleasant for George and myself, they become constants in our rotation.

We were given “Daddy Flies” recently. And I must say this book is a hit so far.


Brye Butler Steeves is another military spouse, and I am happy to be touting about her book!


The book is about a little girl who tries to figure out all the ways that her dad could possibly fly. Her dad is a pilot in the military.

It is a really sweet read. I like kids books that have a rhythm to them. This book rhymed, and it flowed in a sing-songy way which I like to read. I thought it was all very clever. That style is great for George right now and how he is learning vocabulary.

The illustrations were also really cute. They are a little more mellow than most books that are geared towards George’s age. I think because of that this book can span over a few years and still catch a 4 or 5 year old’s attention. It’s also not overtly long, so it could be a good beginning reader for those kindergartners and first graders.


I highly recommend this book for any one that has a young person in their life. It’s a sweet little story that is perfect for military families and civilians alike.

If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself, you can get it from Amazon here. You won’t be sorry!

George approved!

Who doesn’t love reading when you get precious moments like this? And for that I thank you Brye!


I did receive this book complimentary from the author for my review. These thoughts are my own.

Do you like rhyming books for kids? Have you seen a good kid’s book we need to check out?

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