Who Does George Look Like?

Ok, so am I alone in selfishly wanting your kid to look somewhat like you?


I am admitting that I want my kids to resemble me in some way. Call it narcissistic or self-preservation, but there it is.

All three

Tom, George, and Me all around 3 months

So it hurts my heart just a little when EVERYONE says that they only see Tom in George. (Ok everyone is a slight exaggeration, but honestly it is very rare that anyone thinks that this kid looks like me.)

For real, the other day I went to a police wife event, and before I even introduced myself, people asked if we were Tom’s family because George was a spitting image of Tom.

I will admit that George definitely looks like his daddy, which is great because he is a good looking fella.

But I want to get some different opinions to support my thought that while yes George does look like Adult Tom, he does not look as much like Baby Tom. He looks like Baby Stephanie. I know that sounds weird that George looks like me as a baby and Tom as a grown-up, but there it is.


Here is my evidence.

Me and GeorgeGeorge and I. (And apparently showing that the 80s didn’t have the same views on baby bedding. Put all the things in the crib)

HeadphonesTom and I both have the same blue eyes that we passed along to Gman, but I feel that I get discounted a lot because I wear glasses all the time. George and StephI mean really, do you agree with me? Stroke my ego my friends.

This face below is apparently hereditary. Fortunately that fringe shirt is not.

Scruncy FaceThis is Tom and George, respectively, doing some tummy time.

Tummy TImeOnce Tom got out of the baby stage though, I totally see George in every picture. Case in point. George is definitely a mini-Tom most of the time (in looks and disposition).

Tom and GeorgePretty cute babies. Our families have some good genes.

Baby CollageTop: Me, George, Me   Middle: George   Bottom: Tom, George, Tom

If this post seems like I am whining, it is because I am. I just needed some validation that George does resemble me some times! Is that too much to ask?

Honesty though, I understand that it can be hard for people to see the resemblance to me when he looks SO MUCH like his dad right now, and it’s not like I carry baby pictures of myself all the time. And fortunately for me, I lost some of the baby chubs so I don’t look like my baby self. I would agree that a majority of the time he does look just like Tom, but I am here to say not all the time.

All in all, Tom and I made the cutest baby ever who just takes my breath away every time I look at him.

What do you think? Do you agree that he looks like Baby Stephanie and Adult Tom? Do you hope that your kids resemble you too?

10 thoughts on “Who Does George Look Like?

  1. George has your nose! (According to your baby pics!)I definitely see similarities to both of you in the baby pictures, for sure. I think it is a good mix! But yes, as for adult Tom, George looks just like him, Which is exactly the same “issue” we have. Baby Jimmie looks like baby Rosie, and not baby Big Jim, but baby Jimmie also looks just like adult Big Jim.

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