Baseball Decor

I shared George’s party last week. We had a blast creating things for it, but I also like to make things multipurpose.

When George moves into a big boy bed, we are going to take that opportunity to update his entire room since we did not paint it when we moved in.

What better theme than baseball?

So we knew going into the party that we wanted to create things that we could take into his room later this year.

I almost want to change his room right now I love these two pieces so much.

The first is a chalkboard scoreboard.

11954746_10100889938728021_3577508205443064868_nTom did most of this, and he did such a great job!

He started with a piece of plywood. He painted it with chalkboard paint.

Then it took us three days to finish the white painting.

0905150046Tom was very particular and wanted all the paint to dry before we moved to the next step.

We used two sets of stencils for the letters. Tom was much more precise than I would have been. He measured the exact same distance between each letter. I would have just eyeballed it…

The white is permanent, but George can write all he wants to on the chalkboard part.

10699694_10100890814812341_800984713648129066_oThe second is just a sign for my boy, and I love how it came out.

11999019_10100889938752971_3339941723260321015_nTom took some 1 x 4s and nailed them together with some braces on the back. He did it kind of haphazardly because we didn’t want this to look too perfect. It is supposed to have a “rough” element to it. So the boards are not completely even.

Then he used some gray stain. Did you know they made gray stain? Well they do, and it makes an awesome effect!

Then I took some stencils to do the letters with sponge brushes.

IMG_20150905_204408We have a huge protractor that helped line out the ball, and I used a paint pen to make the stitches.

I really love how this turned out, and I know it is a piece we will love for years to come.

11922956_10100890815705551_1934204914936988137_oThese projects where really fun to do as a couple! I am glad that I have a partner that is willing to entertain my ideas and help me create them.

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