Talks with Tom #39

We are at a stage where George is into everything.


This box was under a table with the paper stuffed inside.

We turned our spare bedroom into a master closet for Tom and I since it has a bathroom attached to it. So naturally there are clothes everywhere.

I love doing laundry. It is probably my favorite chore, but once we moved here I stopped doing Tom’s laundry because he just has all of his clothes on the floor instead of the baskets I so nicely organized for him when we moved here.

George does not like being in the bouncer much anymore. He is only in it when he has his morning bottle while I try to hurry through a shower. But once I can have eyes on him, I let him out of the bouncer to roam free.

And of course he plays with everything but his toys. There is so much to get into, like daddy’s underwear and dry cleaning hangers.

So I brought it to Tom’s attention that we needed to do a better job keeping that room a little cleaner since George roams and I was constantly pulling possibly dirty boxers out of George’s mouth.

This is the response conversation of picking up more.

Tom: I am lost when you don’t do my laundry.

Me: I would do it but I am not sure what is clean or not when you dump it on the floor.


Tom: It’s easy. Clean and dirty are separated by this backpack.

Me: Oh yes because that makes it so clear.

On the list to buy for the house is even more laundry baskets for him.

Does anyone else share in this dilemma?

5 thoughts on “Talks with Tom #39

  1. I wasn’t done LOL

    First off, Jimmie doesn’t want to play with his toys. He wants to look (and touch) picture frames, chase the dog, or play with a stick that we keep in the back door. He also wants to flop on pillows and crawl up the steps.

    Second, I have gone on a laundry strike with Jim several times because clothes end up on the floor ALL the time. If they are worn for an hour they’re not dirty, but not clean enough to go back with the other clean cloths (WHAT?!) I usually end up trying to organize once a month because I literally can’t take it. If I go on strike, he washes things/drys them (maybe) and then still doesn’t fold them and put them away. It really is never ending. I feel like since they’re are(were) in the Military where everything has to be SUPER clean, they would know better. Also, Jim is the best folder EVER. Which doesn’t really make sense to me. I HATEEEEE laundry. (how do you love it?) Jimmie likes to crawl into the basket now while I am folding clothes. It makes the process that much longer.

    Haha the book bag theory.

    Okay that was long winded but I am obviously very passionate about this. Also, Jim throws his uniform on our COUCH because he is going to wear it the next day….that’s all I have to say about that or I will start to curse 🙂

    • Now that we have this whole room as a “closet,” I don’t get as worked up since it is not in my living space. But then again, I don’t do his laundry, so there is that. You would think with their professions would get that ingrained in their minds. That may make it worse though that they don’t want to be tidy at home.

  2. Oh that’s so adorable–I love how George is so inquisitive about everything! Also I agree with Rosie up above–I DETEST doing laundry (how do you love it? I want to love it–teach me your ways lol). Also also, Zach always leaves his clothes on the floor–it drives me nuts and sometimes I go on strike but most of the time that only results in ever-growing piles of clothes on the floor. Men!

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