Fit for Me 36/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-I did a 65 minute training run. It was supposed to be a 50 minute run, but I accidentally went too far past my half way point, and when you are on an out and back path, you have to get back to your car some how. So I hit all my times and then some. I was really impressed with myself!

Tuesday-30 minutes on the elliptical. My race is on Sunday, so I decided to forgo the training runs and just do some easy low impact workouts to save my knees. I still pushed myself pretty hard on the machine.

Impressed by:

Meeting all my split times on Thursday, AND running the extra way. I could have just walked it all back since I did my training run, but I did some more interval runs.

Struggled with:

I only managed two workouts, so hopefully after this 10K on Sunday I can refocus.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did not do all of my training runs. This weekend was kind of taken up with George’s birthday and family. Sometimes you have other priorities than working out.

What is my goal for next week?

I would like to beat my previous 10K time on Sunday. Considering the last 10K I ran, I was in much better shape, it could be a stretch.

Fitness Thoughts:

I am really excited for the race on Sunday. There is something about races that get me jazzed. And it is through my hometown, so I am excited to run through the Plaza.

f73da6f34351f4c1efb9d189b5a9de47image via

What’s your favorite part of race day? Do you have sea legs walking to your car after a long run?

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