Fit for Me 22/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-I thought I could squeeze in a quick walk with the dogs during the brief pause of torrential rain we were having that day. I saw a break in the clouds so Grace, Crosby, and I went speed walking. I was determined to get at least a mile in. I didn’t want to run because the ground was a little slippery with the all day rain. And running on slippery concrete with two silly dogs sounds like a recipe for disaster. So we attempted to speed walk this mile. As my luck would have it, on the half mile marker, it started sprinkling. And then wham-buckets of rain commenced. This is also the time that Grace decided to declare the end of the run and protest being in the rain. She just plopped right down on the sidewalk refusing to walk in the downpour. I spent a good 5 minutes coaxing her and letting her know her diva paws could be dry if she just started running with me. We ran that last little bit as fast and carefully as we could. Needless to say, we were sopping wet when we got home. We got a mile in at least. Crosby thought it was the best day ever!

Saturday-I did the 5k race with George.

Monday-20 minute ab workout.

Tuesday-20 minute leg workout.

Impressed by:

I am impressed that I am now keeping up with my push-up and plank challenge. Yesterday was Day 9, which is 60 second plank and 19 push-ups.

Struggled with:

The rain needs to go away. I need to do better at doing inside workouts when the rain foils my outside plans. We do have a gym membership with childcare….but that requires getting in the car and leaving the pups at home. Grown-up decisions…

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did two real push-ups. Two.

What is my goal for next week?

To go to a group class.

Fitness Thoughts:

Last Friday, I realized that I was wearing the same outfit that I did a lot of my maternity bump posts in. (Funny enough neither the shirt or pants were maternity, and I owned them long before I was pregnant. I will let you in on a secret, for the last half of my pregnancy the pants were not buttoned for any of the photos. I just kept wearing them for consistency sake.) It was kind of jarring to think that George has been out of my belly now longer than he was in my belly. I made Tom take a picture of me that night so I could really see how far I have come since George made his appearance. George now weighs about how much I gained during the pregnancy too. So weird how the same weight can feel (and look) so different. Thankfully, I have lost all that weight, and now I am even a little under where I was when I began.

George in belly at almost 37 weeks vs. George out of belly at 40 weeks.

pregnancy weight loss

Self High Five.

Can you do real push-ups? Do you take before and after weight loss photos?

8 thoughts on “Fit for Me 22/52

  1. That is hilarious about your pants. I don’t think ANY of mine would fit right now, but I guess maybe without the button. I know for SURE my shirts wouldn’t because some of my maternity shirts are already cutting it close… eek!

    Also, yay for real push ups!! I’ve always only done the real ones, but I think that stems way back to my gymnastics days, haha. I once did 75 push ups without stopping in 8th grade to win a contest in gym class. The girl who did the most before me did 74 (also a gymnast haha), so I did 75 just to prove a point… perks of being at the end of the alphabet! My child will never know what that feels like having a C last name.

    • I am getting better at them, but I still do most of them on my knees. That’s awesome you were able to do that many. Haha I was always towards the beginning of the alphabet, and my kids will all be at the end. How funny!

  2. I love a good run in the rain. However, I imagine it’s a lot less fun with dogs in tow. Haha! Especially a stubborn dog!

    You are looking great post-pregnancy! Kudos! Hopefully you are feeling the good effects of all your hard work!

  3. you look great! even with lots of exercise (i ran until 37 weeks) i gained over 40 lbs with my first pregnancy, but then lost it and then some after a year or so maybe? it’s such a journey!

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