Discover New Favorites Box

I did receive these products complimentary for the review from Influenster, and these thoughts are my own.

I am always excited to get products from Influenster, but it is even better when they are products that you actually will use and continue buying.


The Dove Go Fresh Body Wash is a brand I have been using for the last year. However, I have never bought this scent. I have never really been drawn to buy scents that are orangey. Something about that scent turns me off. So I have always bought this body wash in a different scent. I really do love the actual brand. It lathers up nicely, and I am one that judges my soap on the amount of suds produced. It also feels pretty silky on your skin. I used this all during my pregnancy, and I feel that it helped keep my skin moisturized. As for this scent, Tom says it smells good, so maybe I shouldn’t stay away from the citrus smells.

I really wish I would have gotten this box earlier in the winter to really test out the Vaseline Intensive Care lotion. I get ridiculously dry hands in the winter months, so bad in fact that they crack and bleed. I have not been able to find a lotion that helps completely. So I am interested to see if this “healing serum” would do the trick. With trying it now, I would still recommend this lotion. I have to wash my hands a lot with a baby and two dogs, and this is helpful to keep them moisturized even though the dry winter has left us. You can tell that it has vaseline in it though. It is a little thick when you first put it on, but it does soak into your skin within a few minutes. Again, I am anxious to try this 10x deep healing power in the winter time.

These were two great products for me to get, and I recommend them both for continued purchase!

If you are interested in getting an Influenster box (you don’t have to be a blogger), just let me know, and I can send you an invite. They are a fun surprise! The community is also really easy to navigate. The more you interact, the more they will be able to find boxes that fit your style and needs. It is really versatile, and you can use it a lot or hardly at all. I have really enjoyed it so far!

Have you tried these products? Do you get dry winter skin too?

4 thoughts on “Discover New Favorites Box

    • This brand of soap is probably my favorite I have ever bought! Like I said it really helped with the pregnancy itchiness that comes later, so I recommend it for you!

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