All the Barf

When you start introducing solid foods to your kids, you worry about allergies and their reaction to it.

Well we had our first negative reaction to solids last night, at least we think. George did not respond well to the broccoli and cauliflower we had for dinner. We had thought they were good foods because they basically have little handles for him, but apparently everything else about them George was not a fan.

I woke up to George crying at about 1am. I figured he had just lost his pacy so I went in there to go searching for it. He has a glow in the dark pacy just for these occasions so I can find it without my glasses in the middle of the night. (He has a tendency to throw the pacy out of the crib so the glow in the dark quality is a must.)

Well I wasn’t able to find it, and I felt under his neck to see if he had rolled on top of it. Instead of finding a pacy, I stuck my hand in baby goo. I thought that George had just spit up some as he sometimes does so I turned on the light to find a burp cloth, but to my dismay I saw George swimming in green baby barf.

Seriously, it was like the scene out of Pitch Perfect where they all had fallen in the vomit. Thinking about the picture of it, I honestly don’t know where the bed of barf came from in his tiny body. So. Much. Of. It.

I woke up Tom because this was clearly a two-person clean up job. Tom stripped the baby and took him for a bath because it was all over George, and baby wipes just weren’t up for that challenge. I took the clothes and sheets and ran them under the sink to get the major chunks out.

Fortunately, we double up the sheets and mattress pads on George’s crib just for occasions like this. I was able to strip off a layer and have a clean sheet waiting for us. This was awesome that I didn’t have to try to wrangle a clean mattress pad and sheet on the crib mattress at 1:30 am. For other parents out there, if you don’t do this trick, I highly recommend the double sheet method! Now I can just worry about laundry tonight when I am much more awake.

We finally got him all cleaned up around 1:30, and George was just happy as a clam. He was so excited to have his parents up and thought it was play time. He was just giggling and laughing away. He had no fever and no diarrhea so there wasn’t much more we could do at this point. As soon as we laid him back in his crib, he was fast asleep again.

I, however, was paranoid for the next hour basically getting up every five minutes to make sure he wasn’t drowning in puke.

I probably fell asleep around 3am only to hear George coughing again.

You got it. He had thrown up again.

Luckily this time, he managed to keep it contained to just his onsie and just a little on the sheet. Wipes to the rescue this time! I changed him again though just so he didn’t have cold wet clothes to sleep in. I cuddled him up-wright on my chest in the rocker for about 30 minutes to make sure he was ok. Back to the crib, again fast asleep, around 3:30.

He threw up again after I nursed him this morning at 5:30, and it is the saddest thing to watch. Then he did it once at the babysitter, so now we are home trying to get Pedialite to stay down for him.

George Sippy Cup

Needless to say, we will not be giving him broccoli or cauliflower again anytime soon.

Tom’s reaction to the barf: “Well George, that may not be the most someone in our family has puked, but it is surely the most per square oz. That was just all the barf.”

Crosby got up with us to make sure everything was ok. He sat patiently watching his boy get taken care of. He was such a caring big brother.

This was Tom’s conversation about Grace once we got back in bed.

Tom-“Oh I am sorry Grace. Don’t let us bother you.”

Me-“Did she even get up?”

Tom-“No…Well yes she did when you let them outside while I was washing George. Then her diva self just crawled back under the covers. And now she is hogging the bed like she can’t be bothered…. Come to think of it, we should have let the dogs clean that up.”

Me-“Eww gross. That’s all we need is all of them barfing.”

Tom-“Well at least the dogs clean it up.”

Me-“I guess. Anyway, can you please turn her because I surely do not need to sleep with Gracie butt in my face after all that.”

The conversations that happen in the wee hours of the morning…

The doctor has us monitoring George for now. They are worried about dehydration right now since he hasn’t kept anything down. So we’ll see how this afternoon goes with the prescribed Pedialite. Since he has been throwing up everything, they aren’t convinced that it was the broccoli and cauliflower. It may be a GI bug that he just needs to work out of his system. This is the first time he has been fully sick, so I am in full mom freak out mode knowing there isn’t much I can do besides watch to make sure he has wet diapers. Although besides the throwing up he is not acting sick.

I wish I felt like this when I was sick…

Now he is mocking me congratulating myself yesterday for his naps by protesting them vigorously today.

George this is a sick day, not a snow day. We must rest!

I feel like we have truly been inducted to the Parent Club now since we have been doused in baby barf. Ahh the glamorous life of parenthood.

9 thoughts on “All the Barf

    • Seriously, acted just fine after he would puke it up. He puked almost every meal last week so we went on a no solid diet for the weekend. He is happy as a clam though!

  1. awwww hope he is feeling better! Sounds like Jimmie’s first illness. I said to him, “Couldn’t you have gotten a cold instead?!” Luckily Jimmie only threw up during the day, so sleep wasn’t disturbed too much!

  2. Oh poor little bub. We had our first puke experience a few months ago…except ours was spaghetti (major grossness). Sounds very similar to your experience where I went in there because he was crying. I thought it was just a bad dream which he has on occasion, but when I touched his pillow…well I’ll spare you the details. And yea, I was paranoid the rest of the night too (which is why we ended up co-sleeping, for better or for worse)

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