Fit for Me 12/52

This week I was a little lame, and there isn’t much to update on.

What I did last week:

Tuesday-30 minutes on the elliptical. Question:  Does anyone out there experience their feet going numb when they are on the elliptical? Is this just me? How do I prevent this from happening? I can rarely go a full 30 minutes without them being asleep and sometimes in serious pain. Am I doing the elliptical wrong?

Impressed by:

My ability to carry a baby and a suitcase up a flight of stairs without injuring George or myself. Mommy muscles.

Struggled with:

Working out while on the road apparently, although I would say unloading and loading up my car every day counts as a workout!

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did those stretches most mornings. I have to confess that I forgot some mornings. I am really going to try to do them more often. I also did not do an actual workout while on the road, but it was really hard to figure out with the timing and how to navigate it with George so I just didn’t.

What is my goal for next week?

To get back on a schedule with my workouts. With last week being wonky, I want to really try to focus again on this time. It shouldn’t be hard, but it is my goal none the less.

Fitness Thoughts:

I am reminded again that it is so easy to say no to a workout because of convenience. There are things that I could have done in the hotel room to make a workout possible, but I decided after a day’s worth of driving that I wanted to watch Once Upon A Time laying on the bed instead. While I think I should give myself some grace, I also know that I don’t want this ease of pushing a workout aside to become a regular thing. I know I have said it before, but every day is a commitment.

71c14f8085cdbf4652743c0ea3ce4ea8image via

Do you take time off workouts when you travel?Do your feet fall asleep on the elliptical?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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