Talks with Tom #33

We love Hy-Vee.

Like obsessed with Hy-Vee.

For the last couple years we haven’t had it because Tennessee apparently doesn’t know what is good for it.

If you were unaware, Hy-Vee is a mid-west based grocery store. You are missing out if you do not have them around you.

They have a fantastic selection, good perks, and best of all the buffet is the bomb dot com.

Seriously, Tom and I have date nights in this grocery store buffet.

And there is one five minutes from our new house.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Tom went today to stock our new kitchen, and I kept getting texts of how awesome our life is now with Hy-Vee back in it. I am fairly sure he was there for a couple hours…or all afternoon.

  • I don’t know exactly what freedom tastes like, but a caribou latte and peppermint bark has to be close.
  • I want to live inside Hy-vee….the carts here have cup holders.
  • Hy-vee mango salsa is so good it may ruin my life.

I also received this picture just saying “snack wall.”


I may get sick eating all the chocolate covered everything.

So many dispensers of awesome.

Hy-Vee it has been so long. We are glad to welcome you back into our lives.

6 thoughts on “Talks with Tom #33

  1. Omigosh I am laughing so hard. I am so glad you are this happy about Hy-Vee. And my parents also do date nights at Hy-Vee buffet, so that bodes well for you and Tom!!!

  2. Oh man. I miss Hy-Vee SO much. That’s the only place my mom shopped when I was growing up… we didn’t have any in Colorado, and there aren’t any in Ohio either! SUPER sad! I wish we could live someplace with one! This post cracked me up… it’s definitely the best grocery store I’ve ever been to.

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