The Long and the Short of It


That was me in 2013, which was the last time I donated my hair.


I have donated my hair I think 4 times now since high school. It might be 5, but I can’t remember.

I go through cycles of growing it out to donate and then whacking it off. There are times though that I get frustrated with that “in between” phase and whack it off before I can donate it. Grad school made me impatient with it so I kept it short for those two years. Two years of growth lost…

Usually it takes me about two years of growing to get to the point of donations, hence the reason I get impatient.

Right now I am in that itching phase of doing something drastic with it. I hate the middle part. I love the way I look with short hair, and I love having long hair. This middle business is stupid.


And I have never dyed my hair. I am too in love with my natural color, so that is not a solution to my bored dilemma.

I am glad to report though that I am past the dreaded shoulder phase. I really hate the phase that is between being short and being past my shoulders. I have thickish hair so it seems almost afroey when it is before the shoulders but past actually being short. It just doesn’t want to lay flat so it does a flare on it’s on with wreckless abandon before getting to the shoulders. See above picture. And there is NOTHING to fix it. This girl can’t do layers so it has to all stay at the same length so afro carefree blob thing it is. Can I get a halleluiah for making it past that part?


I have had so many hair lengths over the years and ways of coping with the growing process.






Layers…(see bad idea)




Braids and bangs…


Curls and bangs, which is different from perm and bangs.


And tons of headbands and hairclipys.


So you can see that I have had a variety of lengths and ways of styling it.



But now I am in that phase that I am tired of it and am just annoyed with it.

I am annoyed that it gets caught in coats and shoulder bag handles.

It has become a handle for George to pull. And he pulls hard like he is holding on for dear life.

It takes so many minutes to dry. So many.

And there is hair EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I could donate what falls out of my head and have the same amount as the momentous cut. I find it on everything. I have at least one moment a day where I think, “how the heck did that get there?”


I will say that as far as maintenance goes, I actually love having long hair more than short hair. I just have to remind myself that there are so many more possibilities to creating different looks with long hair. I love the versatility of it, but I just need to make myself do it. I love that I don’t have to actually wash/dry/straighten every day. For me with short hair I just have one option, so it is nice to have that flexibility. And when all else fails it can go in a braid or ponytail. Long hair don’t care. Short hair is drama and needs constant attention.

So we’ll see what happens when I get my hairs cut this weekend. I might get impulsey…


What are you thoughts on hair length? Have you ever grown yours out to donate?

8 thoughts on “The Long and the Short of It

  1. I miss my long hair! I chopped it all off when Joseph was four months old. It was coming out in droves and I felt like there was long hair everywhere! I loved my bob for a little while and now I’m growing it out. But I’m getting bangs cut tomorrow! I’m so excited 🙂

    • When George grabs at it or tries to eat it, I think about cutting it every day. But now I am at the stage that I just need a few more months before I cut it for donation. So I just got some new bangs for a change.

  2. I think your hair looks great long or short, I go back and forth sometimes as well but I love mine long. Its finally growing back out from when I cut it in April and I’m so happy. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done!!!

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