A Day in Our Life

I have had several people ask how mommyhood is treating me. Now that we are on a routine, I am feeling a lot better about things. Our days are fluid and change a little but for the most part we have a pretty good schedule going.

Here is what a day looks like for us right now.

Around 5am- George starts stirring. If he gets whiny, I will pick him up and snuggle with him until Tom leaves for PT.

Between 5:30-6am- Tom lets the dogs out and then leaves for PT. I get up and wash my face and brush my teeth to scrub away the night. Then I get George up and change his diaper. Then I feed him. This can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how feisty George is feeling.

7am- I make my breakfast and watch Good Morning America. Depending on how awake I feel, my breakfast will either be scrambled eggs or cereal. I let you guess how that goes on the sleepy scale. Also there is always coffee.

8am- Tom comes home from PT and has his breakfast. This is about the time that George and I snuggle on the couch for a nap until he needs to eat again.

9am- Diaper change and feeding time for George. This is also the feeding time that Grace and Crosby wrestle through the entire house, which sounds like a stampede going through the house.

9:15am-Tom heads back to work for the day.

9:45-11am-George and I play. We sing and dance to songs. (Baby Einstein is the best channel on Pandora. Most of the time it is rock in lullaby form. The other day, Tom came home to me singing “Dude Looks Like a Lady”) We do some vocabulary cards and read. We end it with some time on the kick and play while I catch up quick on emails and other social media. Trying to type with one hand is hard friends. We do this until he falls asleep.

11-12pm- I workout. I have a Wii game that is this virtual trainer. It has customizable workouts that tailor to my goals, so it is nice to get some focus on me while George is taking a nap.

12pm- Diaper change and feeding time for George. I usually end this with a book that sends him to sleep.

1pm- I eat lunch and watch something saved on our DVR. (Somewhere between 11-2, Tom comes home for lunch. It varies every day so I am never really sure if he will come home for lunch.)

1:30-3:30pm- I do chores around the house. Some days, I will be honest only the bare necessities of cleaning happen in this time frame. This is also the time where I run errands if I need to because he sleeps this whole time.

3:30pm- Diaper change and feeding time for George.

4pm- George does some tummy time. This last for bout 5 minutes before he starts screaming. So we do this cycle of trying for 5 minutes than I hold him and play music, and then once he is calmed down we try again. Do other babies cry during tummy time? I always see pictures of kids loving this. I really think he has an issue with being completely horizontal and flat. Are we alone in this?

2014-10-09 12.02.35

He usually rolls himself into this position if he isn’t crying about tummy time. He will just stare at me like he is saying “You can’t make me be on my tummy or my back.”

Around 5pm- Tom comes home. He takes over George duty, and I go for a walk with the dogs.

6pm- We make dinner and then eat said dinner.

7pm- Diaper change and feeding George time. This is the only feeding that happens downstairs because we are usually watching a TV show and having family time. The rest of the day George and I are upstairs in his room during feeding times..

5-9pm is also known as George’s witching hours. He isn’t always fussy the whole time, but generally during this block of time he has some rough moments. This is really the only time of day that he is on the struggle bus past a diaper change and being naked. So we take turns holding him and loving on him while we watch TV.

10pm- Getting ready for bed time. Some days this includes a bath, but we are not there yet to him having one every night. We do a diaper change, and I cover him with lavender baby lotion. This is the worst diaper change of the day. It’s right after his fussy time of the day. Plus, I make him get naked, and then subject him to water and lotion. A messy combination of all the things he hates. So this is usually a half hour of screaming the baby equivalent of “GET OUT OF MY ROOM MOM.”

10:30pm- Feeding time. I let him feed a little longer at this time than I do the rest of the day so he can get through the night. I then read him a bedtime story and sing “Twinkle Twinkle.”

Around 11pm- I put him down to bed. I get ready for bed myself. Usually by the time I have washed my face and brushed my teeth George will be asleep.

Tom and I usually spend a little time with the quiet for just us before we go to bed ourselves.

Then George sleeps through the night. That means that his parents ALSO sleep through the night. The other day he slept from 10:30pm to 7am. I woke up startled because the sun was peaking through our shades, and I still hadn’t heard him move! Glorious! (Then panic ensued because I thought he wasn’t breathing since he was so quiet.)

The weekends look a little different than the week since Tom is home all day. For instance, Tom and George usually join me and the dogs for the walks on the weekends. Generally, the feedings (ours and his) are the only thing that stay the same. Oh and my morning nap at 8am.

Also for the record, I do let the dogs out more than once a day. They have NO schedule and just go out whenever they decide they want to demand it, which usually coincides when the elementary school is starting and ending. Crosby does not like the neighbor kids passing by our door.

Showers for me don’t happen every day either. I still don’t feel comfortable not having some eyes on George, so I wait until Tom is home to take a shower. Since his schedule isn’t always consistent, I don’t always get a shower when I have planned on it. Should I just go for it and shower while he is napping? Ahh makes me nervous just thinking about it. I gotta cut the cord sometime I guess…

2014-10-24 08.16.25

I try to spend as much time as I can holding him and loving on him. I know this time will pass, and he will soon be squirming and moving all over the place. So I try to stop and enjoy these moments throughout the day as much as I can. Who doesn’t want to miss their kid creeping them out by sleeping with his eyes open like he is here? I know I don’t!

Do feel out of whack when you aren’t in a routine? What is one thing you have to do every day to feel sane?

7 thoughts on “A Day in Our Life

  1. Patrick hated tummy time at that age too… at that age I just had him do tummy time while he was laying on my chest. It helps build the same muscles without the intense discomfort!

    • I just can’t bring myself to getting in the shower when there isn’t someone who has eyes on George. And there comes a point in the day where I give up on the thought of a shower haha.

  2. I’m impressed that you have a schedule already! And yay for George sleeping through the night! Joseph was still up several times a night at that age. And I think its pretty common for babies to cry during tummy time. Joseph sometimes liked tummy time and sometimes hated it.

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