Talks With Tom #27

Not sure if you saw this article floating around the interwebs lately.

One of the points was that dogs don’t like hugs.

Our first thought was not our dogs. They love them! They sit for us so willingly. Grace will even lean her head into the nook of our necks. This can’t be about our dogs.


Both of them have been known to crawl INTO our laps for hugs.

This weekend Tom was having one of his hugging sessions with the dogs when we had this conversation.

Tom- I just can’t believe that article that dogs don’t like hugs. Where is their evidence?

Me- It said that they view it as an act of dominance, and they just tolerate it.

Tom- I don’t think it is accurate. Have you ever seen either of our dogs use a narcotic substance?

Me- Um no. (Although they have been acting like they are on crack lately.)

Tom- Hugs not drugs. (Long pause) I think I’ve made my point.

And that my friends is your local service announcement.

Hugs not drugs.

Now for evidence that our dogs love to hug…or at least make Tom and I feel like they do.


I am fairly sure by the amount of snoring that is going on here, Crosby is ok with the hugging/cradling.


Grace is such a good hugger. She will force herself into your lap for this attention.


She seems to totally hate this…


Hates her space to be invaded…I think she is the dominant one in this situation.


I mean who wouldn’t want to be in a hug with these two.


She tackled Tom for hugs when he came back from deployment. Looks like she is one of those seeking out the embrace.


Pure enjoyment right there.

I do know that every dog may not be this way, and also that my dogs don’t like everyone hugging them. But I will enjoy the fact that we have this luxury in our house!

Are your dogs huggers?

4 thoughts on “Talks With Tom #27

    • Grace likes them a lot more than Crosby since he just recently has started asking for snuggles. So we have tons more pictures of her hugging it out. It’s pretty much our favorite thing to do with them!

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