Never Volunteer An Introvert…Unless There Is A Competition

Last week, Tom and I had our last baby class. Five weeks of class means that we are totally ready for George right?

This last class was all about infant care and what to expect after delivery and those first few days at home.

Yes we got to play with creepy infant dolls.

So we are going along in the class, and it is actually pretty beneficial. Some stuff I already know from common sense, but how my son may be circumcised was new for me. Learn something every day…

Anyway, I am feeling good about this process and not stressed at all about having to take care of a human being soon.

Then the nurse asked for 2 couples to volunteer. She didn’t say why, just that she needed volunteers.

I gave Tom a glare and mouthed, “Don’t you dare. Do NOT volunteer us.”

If there is one thing that I as an introvert hate more than anything, it is being surprised into an activity in a room full of strangers. Cue panic attack in my head.

I just keep looking at Tom pleading with him not to break the silence that has entered the room.

No one wants to volunteer here. And I especially do not want to do something in a room full of soon-to-be-new parents so they can see how un-ready we are.

My husband, the big extrovert, jumped up and said “Oh we’ll do it,” as he grinned mischievously at me. He said something quippy about being an introvert and just giggled at me. I don’t remember what he said because I was dying inside.

I was not very happy with him. I did a teenagery pout up to the front as we waited for another couple to volunteer for this mysterious task. I did not want to look at my husband. How dare he volunteer me for such random torture.

Finally another couple (well a mom-to-be and her mom) stepped up to the plate.

The nurse explained that we were going to race to properly diaper, clothe, and swaddle one of the naked baby dolls. The trick though was that we had to hold hands and could only use our outer hands to do the task. So instead of having 4 hands, we only had two. And by the way we were standing also meant that we would be using our non-dominant hands for the task-I had my left and he had his right.

Oh this random activity that my husband forced me into is a competition.

Game face on!

Tom and I are very serious when it comes to competition.

And can you believe it that the other couple tried trash talking us before-hand? The mom-to-be tried scaring us even further saying they had a ringer with Grandma being a baby expert on the team.

Bring it.

You can’t make me more nervous lady. My husband just blindly volunteered his introvert wife. Your trash talk only fuels this fire to get this thing done with.

So Tom and I joined hands for the competition of a life-time. Yes it is that serious when you are in a room full of strangers trying to prove you can be parents together. (Because this race totally means that we are going to be experts at being parents…)

We made that baby so comfy in that diaper, onsie, swaddle blanket! Everything just went so smoothly. We owned that activity. Tom and I communicated coolly and quickly to make our baby not be a creepy flasher. Then we held that baby up Lion King style. I call that a parent success.

And we killed it with time. By the time we finished, the “expert mom” and her spawn were still fumbling with the onsie.

But I am not trying to rub it in or anything…Ok I am.

Take that! We are going to rock this parent thing.


Plus we got a goody bag with some diapers and wipes for winning the race. So maybe it was ok to be volunteered by the hubs. I can’t say no to free diapers.

But now I can sit down and calm my heart rate.

Does you partner ever volunteer you for random things? Are you competitive?

12 thoughts on “Never Volunteer An Introvert…Unless There Is A Competition

  1. That is so something my Husband would do to me! We are the exact same way, he’s super outgoing and I just like to blend into the background. Congrats on winning! Glad it all worked out. I would have been mortified though, especially not knowing what I was volunteered for!

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