For the Birds

My in-laws love birds and really pride themselves on having a fantastic yard of nature.

They have bird houses and feeders everywhere, and they manage to get some of the coolest birds around their house because of it.


I sat on their deck for probably a half hour waiting for this humming bird. I am pretty satisfied with myself!


They even had dozens of birds come through during the Christmas ice storm.

So when I saw this idea, I knew that it was going to be a great gift. They give them food and shelter, so why not add comfort in there too!

2013-12-24 13.55.53


You need a suet basket which you can find at any store that sells bird seed. They come in various sizes. Since, I didn’t want to get in over my head, I just stuck with a medium to small sized one.

You will also need scraps of yarn. Since I crochet (a LOT), I was able to save tons of scraps for this. I am sure you can just cut yarn too if you don’t use yarn on a regular basis. (You can definitely tell which colors I use most often on my projects-yellow, white, purple, and red.)

You just stuff the scraps into the suet basket. You will need a lot of scraps because they will squish together. I saved over the last year for this. I ended up with two bags, one of which went in the basket initially. I gave the second bag as well as filler once this one is hopefully picked clean.

The end result is an offering basically for the birds to make their nests with this string.

It will be fun to see if this actually worked in the spring by seeing if the nests are now colorful.

Pretty sweet gift!


8 thoughts on “For the Birds

    • My in-laws live in Missouri, so they are everywhere. And I guess this is a special feeder just for them. Like I said, I sat there for a long time waiting for this little bugger!

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