Quirks of Clarksville

I have been in Clarksville for about 8 months and there are a few quirks I have noticed about the roads here.


1. Businesses in the area love sign spinning. Even in this cooler weather, I still see this happening. I would say that they are more than a distraction than they are an attraction for a business.

2. School Buses have pick up/drop offs on main thoroughfares. Who does this? Also I was not aware that when you are on a highway the opposite direction still has to stop for an unloading bus. I am fine stopping, but kids should not be crossing a 4-6 lane highway!

3. Hand washing cars is a mighty big thing in this area. On my way to work I see probably a dozen car washes offering the “best hand washed service” in town. From what I have seen they are fairly competitive rates with a machine wash. I feel that it rains too much here to warrant paying for a car wash. Maybe when I get a new car that will be something I am more invested in….but probably not.

4. Not only are kids walking across 4 or 6 lane highways, but people not associated with school buses just cross the street with traffic buzzing buy, and I mean not on a crosswalk or with the help of streetlights. It has been absurd to watch people just mosey on across the street like it is a sidewalk and will dart between cars like we are New York City or something. People do it in the rain, sunshine, night, day, with groups, by themselves, in suits, in pajamas…apparently it is a thing. The craziest sight is seeing people drag strollers and kids who can barely walk across the highway in full traffic! I have seen people standing in the middle turn lane for several minutes waiting for the cars (who are going around 45-50 mph) just whiz on by. Walking seems to be a way of transportation here, but they could at least find an appropriate crosswalk. Also if they are going to be doing this, they need to learn to wear reflective gear or bright clothing, maybe a PT belt. I am just saying reflective pieces of clothing are helpful for you and the drivers so we DON’T HIT YOU! (In case you were wondering, I have never hit someone, but it has come very close to this by my accord and others around me.)

This is an example of the road where people walk across. Just imagine lots of traffic and pedestrians intermingling (and no flood).

5. One road can go by several names. It can be ridiculous trying to find a new place or give directions because one road has 4 different names. The main strip in town has the following titles:  Fort Campbell Blvd, 41A, 79, Providence Blvd, and 2nd Street. Now I understand how they correlate, but when I first got here, you can see how it may be difficult to keep things straight. There also isn’t the greatest signage depicting the changing titles. And depending on who you talk to will change how they refer to it. For example, I refer to it as Ft. Campbell Blvd, and Tom calls it 41A. It can get silly…I also still haven’t found the CiCis we were looking for back in August when our family was in town.

The things I probably would never know if I didn’t commute…

Have you noticed any quirks of your town?

10 thoughts on “Quirks of Clarksville

  1. This is all so true!!

    The CiCi’s is on Madison St. by Lowes and Chick-Fil-A. It’s in a strip mall and super tiny so you really need to keep your eyes on the look out.

  2. Yikes!! I can’t imagine having children cross those streets to get to their school bus!! I have walked across a 6 lane street once in my life and it’s pretty much the scariest thing I ever did in my life. And I can definitely see how number 5 could get confusing pretty quickly!

    • Yea I don’t know. I will say I have never seen children cross that way, but cars do stop like they are going to. Maybe the people of Clarksville should time their crossing the street endeavors for when the school pick up and drop off is.

  3. WHAT?! I don’t think I would be comfortable having my imaginary kids dropped off on a highway even if they weren’t crossing 6 lanes, let alone if they were! That seems crazy!

  4. I had no idea that you were in Clarksville! We live in Dickson which is like, 45 minutes southwest (i think!)! Crazy! My uncle and aunt live in Clarksville and we’re up there from time to time! I enjoy finding local bloggers!

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