Talks with Tom #14

This weekend, Tom actually watched the Clemson football game with me. I blame the loss on his viewing.

Anyway, this is some commentary from my husband. Talk about loss…

Tom-When I die, I want the funeral to be like a football game. There will be beer and a half time. On one side there would be people who like me, and the other side people who hate me. There would be arguments of which side is right. There would be a ref that came in and make a call that hurts the side that is winning for no reason.”

Long pause.

Tom-Who do you think would be my sponsors?

Tom-Evan Williams.

Tom-Nah it would probably be Iams.

Tom-I would think Jeep, but we would need to time travel to have it be the 1999 Jeep not today’s Jeep.

Long pause.

Tom- And you can do the Clemson chant 1234 1234 T-O-M-I-S-D-E-A-D.

Me-(my jaw on the floor)

The thing with being married to an infantryman is that they have no problem talking and poking fun at their mortality.

So yes this conversation happened, and actually continued with talks about John Stamos and treasure maps at the funeral. Yes part of my duties as the widow is to get Uncle Jesse at Tom’s funeral.

Also I want to note that my husband must really love me because he is making his funeral plans around my love for football since he hates the sport.

Yes this is morbid, but I take the sweet moments where I can get them.

8 thoughts on “Talks with Tom #14

  1. Stephen and I also have openly morbid conversations. I never thought about the fact that it’s an infantryman thing, but I think you are right. I was actually thinking about writing a post about what it’s like to be married to an infantryman, but I didn’t know if anyone would be interested.

  2. This is SO true. Ryan decided during Thanksgiving this past weekend that he needed to tell me all about his life insurance should he be killed during a deployment/training/other horrible Army accident. I’m really not shocked anymore, but dang!

  3. Oh gosh–this made me laugh if only because it totally reminds me of conversations I’ve had with Zach! I’ll never forget the first time he brought up his life insurance though–pretty sure I had a mini heart attack.

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