Autumn on My Mind-Fall Date Night


“A Date With Autumn”

  • What would be the perfect date night you can only do in fall in your area? Are there go to places for couples?

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Ok so I didn’t exactly follow the prompt with an activity that you can only do in the fall. I just think it is better done during the fall because of the cooler weather and scenery.


We went horseback riding last week. I have not been since high school, so it was a little nerve-wracking when they gave me the horse that is usually skittish and likes to bite people. Awesome…

But Sue (mine) and Ranger (Tom’s) were our pals for our hour long ride. It was a fun afternoon doing something a little bit different. Although my legs were not happy with me for several days after. Sue made sure that I remembered her long after I got off.

2013-09-22 14.11.04

There are riding stables here on base that provides trail rides every weekend from March until December. They also do carriage rides every Friday and advertise that as date night. Tom and I wanted to be part of the “action” instead of just sitting there, so we opted to actually ride and control the horses.

The stables are two minutes from our house, and I drive by them every day to work. I have been pining over the opportunity to ride.

It is $20 to ride, which is a little more than we spend on our average date nights. We did make a deal that once a month we would do something “bigger” and not just a dinner date night, so this fit the bill.

It was perfect weather since you really want to wear long pants and shirt when riding. We rode all through the back woods of base, which Tom continued to scout for deer tracks. (I have become a hunter’s wife…)

2013-09-22 14.11.39

We stopped by the horse pasture on afternoon too. We got permission to go inside and get pretty close to the horses. This was so much fun to watch these beautiful animals up close.


What do you think they are thinking?


Do those people have food?


So pretty.


I love watching them gallop past us.


This guy was really curious about us.


Such a gorgeous horse, and really friendly.


And then he didn’t want anything to do with us once he realized that we didn’t have food.


I loved the patches on this one.

Dating is really important even when you are married. We try to do one thing each week to focus on our marriage and relationship. Each date is new adventure for us.

Just this week we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for date night. Right beside us was an old couple on their date night. While Tom was in the little boys room, they leaned over and asked how the daiquiri was that I was drinking. They were thinking about switching over from the margaritas they were downing. This sparked up a conversation that just really made the night for me. They told me how they met after their first spouses had passed. The man told me that the woman was making him try new things and getting him out the door as they both giggled and winked at each other. Adorable. The man had been a medic in the Navy, and the woman had been an Army wife for 30 years. We ended up talking for awhile and had a sweet and endearing conversation. It was delightful. When Tom and I left, we were so touched by this couple.

Never stop dating. There are always new things to experience, and relationships to deepen. So whether it is dinner out or game night in, it is really important to make time for each other and your relationship.

So what do your date nights look like?

We hope to see you return on Thursday for your Fall Food Must! You can see the full schedule for our Autumn link up here.

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  1. I love this fall linkup. I’ll have to join in one day. I nominated you for a Liebster award. Check out my blog for the details.

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