Autumn on my Mind-Autumn Outside Activities


Who is ready for another fun fall inspired link-up?

“Autumn Activities Outside”

  • There are so many outside activities that are associated with this time of the year. We have hay rides, pumpkin patches, apple picking and so much more. What are activities that you are doing this year in your neck of the woods? Or what is your favorite fall outside funtivities?

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I tend to drag Tom along to many different events for the sake of fun. This fall funtivity was no different.


Clarksville has a weekend festival every fall that usually is around Labor Day weekend. Last year the event was the weekend before Tom was deployed, and we went for the evening music scene. It was jam packed so I wanted to see a different part of it this year and avoid the crowds.

Rf Map

We got up early on Saturday to see the Riverfest Regatta.


This is an event where groups enter their boats that are made purely out of recycled materials. They have several different prizes for the design and costumes the teams are wearing, plus the winners of the racing part. Cool right?

IMG_5847 IMG_5843 IMG_5854 IMG_5849

It was super fun to watch and see the creativity. We also saw a few sink despite their best efforts.

IMG_5868 IMG_5880

This helicopter was the sweetest make up in my opinion. Too bad it didn’t last long.



IMG_5932  IMG_5901


Since we were there, we had to check out some of the festival food stands. It was super hot that day so I couldn’t pass up the fresh lemonade!

IMG_5939 IMG_5948

This is a great event in this area. It is located in a gorgeous area of town right on the river, which I love. It spans two days with a variety of things to do for all groups of people. And going to the event is free. Each year we only paid for the food we consumed, so you really cannot pass up an event like this. Good time had by all as soon as Tom got over that I dragged him out of bed for it.

2013-09-07 11.04.29

What are your fall outside activities? Link your posts up below! The link will close in October, so you have plenty of time to join us!

We hope to see you return on Thursday for your Fall Fashion Trends! You can see the full schedule for our Autumn link up here.

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