Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

I am still feeling a little woozy and under the weather, so it will be pretty simple tonight. I have some meatier things on the docket for later this week, and I have lots of upcoming crafts to share!

I have had this mirror since my freshmen year of college, so ten years ago. It has made it through over 15 moves across the years, and it had the scars to prove it. There were random paint and scratches all over it.

So needless to say, it needed some updating or we would need to part ways. I chose the former.


I got felt from Hobby Lobby and buttons that I already had. You need more felt than you realize. I ended up having to go back for more. I think I ended up with around 30 sheets total.

You need two sizes of circles. The smaller circles you do not need as many. It is a 6:1 ratio (6 large circles for every 1 small circle).


Luckily, my hubster was really helpful and cut most of the circles! He is a super good craft husband.

First thing for the “petals,” fold a large circle in half.

2013-08-10 19.27.32

Then you fold it into an ‘S’ shape.

2013-08-10 19.28.25

Then you glue 6 of these triangles onto a little circle. It will look like a pie chart. This is the view from the back.

2013-08-10 19.32.20

Then you just fluff the petals up. You can leave it like this.

2013-08-10 19.32.13

Or you can jazz it up by hot gluing a button or jewel of some kind to the middle.

2013-08-10 19.34.12

This took a long time to make all of these. We spent a few nights working on this project. I also messed up a tray table with the felt and hot glue, so be careful what surface you make them on.

Once you make all the flowers, you just glue them to the mirror. You will need more than you think because they squish together. I thought I was done several times, only to find that we needed to cut more circles. Hubster to the rescue!


We may regret choosing this color, because I am not sure how the felt will hold up to dirt, dog hair, and dust. But for now it is super pretty! And hey, we are into the second decade of this bad boy, so I think we can afford another mirror.

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