Talks With Tom Begins

My husband and I have some of the oddest conversations that often leave me either laughing or just bewildered. Thought bubble-“Did we really just talk about that?”

And my next thought bubble was that you should experience that too. You’re welcome.

I got this idea from a fellow blogger who documents her conversations with her soldier as well. So thank you Amy for the idea! You can see her convos at ArmyAmy. It’s nice to know I am not alone.

So here is the first installation of “Talks with Tom.”

This conversation may get into more than you want to know about Tom and I, and our dog Grace.

Tom has taught our dog Grace to sit on the bathmat in front of the toilet when we are using the restroom.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I am not even kidding when I say this. Grace will be in the other room when I go to use the bathroom and as soon as she hears the toilet seat, she comes bounding in after me. She then will sit like a statue on the rug and watch me go pee or number 2. In all fairness, she faces the door and just looks at you periodically. She does grant you some decency, I guess. At first though it is very odd and weird to have a dog watch you while you do your business. It’s a good thing that I don’t have performance anxiety when it comes to bodily functions.

I mentioned this odd Grace behavior to Tom and he responded, “Oh yea, I taught her that.”


Tom-“That’s when you are most vulnerable to an attack. She is my guard dog, so she is going to protect me while I doodee.”

Me-“Who is going to attack you in our bathroom?” (I should really know better than to ask questions.)

Tom-“My point exactly.”

Then he went on about some invader story in the end of the world and how Grace is instrumental in our security…This is my life.

After awhile, it has become oddly endearing that she sits there staring at the door and back at you waiting for our attacker. At least I will be all cleaned out when the robbers get me. Thanks Grace.

He is also apparently training her to be used to living in a tent. This gem happened when Tom stayed up all night with her.


Come back for the next Military Monday to hear our wacky conversations.

The craft today is all about organization!

This has been our counter since we moved in. Piles of who knows what.


And that is on a good day. This also doesn’t show the piles of stuff on the coffee table, dining room table, etc. So needless to say we were getting stressed about the clutter.

So I went to Walmart and bought 2 standing file trays, and picked out some scrapbook paper.


I cut out the paper to fit the front of the boxes. Then I sharpied our initials into each one. That way we each have a place for our mail/papers/whatnot. We can each decide our own “system” too, which sometimes in a marriage is important to have separate areas.


Then I just hung them on the wall at a height that we could reach in there.


I added the menu board I did a couple months ago to the mix. Although, it is no longer the menu board. We decided that planning out our week’s meals didn’t work for us. So we have made a deal to do 2 different recipes each week to be able to plan for the appropriate groceries, but we don’t pick which day we will cook them. We are spur of the moment type of eaters, so it didn’t work to plan 7 days at a time when we aren’t sure if we want a taco or spaghetti in 7 hours. So I changed out the food quote to “everyday” and we made it the chore/to do board. Much better!


I also printed out a picture from our wedding to even out the layout. It has made a huge difference in the kitchen! No more blank white walls!

Here it is in use!


All in all a very easy hour of crafting.

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