Spreading That Oogaa Love

George has two teeth that are trying to make their appearance. One on top and one on bottom. We have felt that he has been teething for a couple months now, but now at 6 months there still are no pearly whites. As we enter further into the throws of teething, let me tell you this is not a fun baby stage. My overall happy baby now throws fits. Who is this child?

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It has got to be pretty miserable to basically have bones trying to break free. I imagine it is the same affect that Harry felt when Madame Pomfrey had to mend his rubber bones from a silly spell from Professor Lockhart. Agony.

So over the past couple months we have amassed a variety of teething soothers. We have a basket of teething toys that don’t seem to keep George’s crankiness subsided for more than a few minutes. We have to rotate the toys every couple minutes because he gets frustrated and loses interest in that particular toy. He also isn’t the greatest at keeping a hold of things so many of the toys are dropped for us to play fetch with.

We needed something that would help sooth his gums but also keep his attention for more than 2 minutes.

Enter the Oogaa teether.

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AKA:  the best toy ever.

We have plastic orb balls, twisty-clicky rattles, several different types of teething rings, teething keys, and teething pacifiers (which with his love of pacies you would think these would be his favorite, but no.) Basically if it has teething in the title, it’s in this box of teething wonders. (Yes we fell down that first time parent trap…) We even have Sophie the Giraffe which most moms will swear by as the answer to teething problems. Don’t get me wrong he loves these toys, but after two minutes you have to try to impress him with something else. Even Sophie doesn’t cut it for more than a couple minutes before he throws her off the ledge.

The Oogaa octopus teether was different. I went in with no expectations seeing as he had pretty much said “That’s all you got Mom?” to every other option I have thrown at him.


So when he held on to this little guy for more than 5 minutes, then an astonishing 10 minutes. I was basically in shock.

He adores this octopus.


So let me tell you more about this teether that we are now obsessed with.

First, it is a silicone teether so it is not like most teethers you get at the store. The whole thing is bendy so George can grip it many different ways. The texture is also unique because it is not completely smooth as you can see that there are ridges outlining the octopus shape. He really likes to feel the raised outline with his figure and his mouth. He is at that stage where texture is so intriguing to him.

What I like about it being silicone is that I can easily put it in the dishwasher. Easy washing makes a huge difference with baby slobber and the dogs running a muck. So anytime I think it needs a wipe down, it can easily be run under the faucet for a quick clean and then dried off in a snap. Easy peasy! I am not a fan of the cloth teethers because it just seems like they would harbor germs. So I like that I can easily wash this in the sink or put it in the dishwasher.

I also like that the company strives to be environmentally friendly with their products and are very conscious of what is being put in your baby’s mouth. One less thing this mama has to worry about!

The shape is also important here. Some of the other toys are somewhat awkward for George to hold. Either they are too big or they have too much going on that he doesn’t really know what to do with it. This teether is pretty simple. I think the flexibility helps as well as the unique shape. When George gets bored with one way of holding it, he will just rotate it for a new option. And he does that himself! (I like things that make him more independent.) And very rarely do we have to go chasing after it because he dropped it. This is the first toy that if he does drop he attempts (mostly successfully) to pick it back up. He likes trying to bend it, which is great for a kid who is just figuring out what is fingers and hands do. Several areas can serve as a handle for him and are easy for him to grip. I also like the hole on the side which he loves to hold with his hands and his mouth.

Or his feet.


As for the chewing part. This teether is like the perfect mixture of being hard enough yet soft enough to be soothing to his gums. It’s not like he is chewing on hard plastic or yucky cloth. It is a nice pliable middle ground! And the size isn’t so awkward that he will a) get it stuck in his mouth or b) not be able to put it in his mouth.


The colors are also really great for these toys. They are bright and vibrant. And I like that it is just one color which you don’t always see in baby toys. They are just a fun to look at toy! Also another plus on the shape/size is that they do not take up too much space in the diaper bag. Win! Because seriously this thing now goes with us everywhere.


Oogaa has two options for teethers:  an octupus and an elephant. Aren’t they just adorable? We may have to look into getting the elephant to match his elephant room. Plus those handles look great!

I think we need to come up with a name for this new pal because George just loves this thing.


If you have not heard of Oogaa and you have children, or you need a good gift for someone else’s children, I suggest you head on over to see their products. Here is their website. This will be one of my go to gifts from now on.

To purchase this teether does not cost you any more than the average teether out there. But seriously who is with me on the fact that with teething you would pretty much shell out any amount of money to sooth those gums (and your sanity). The $8 is well worth it folks!

We love this company, and love supporting this mom’s vision come to life with her products. We are also using their utensils as we dive further into this feeding adventure, but I will save that excitement for another post!

We did receive receive this teether complimentary for testing purposes as an Oogaa Brand Partner. All thoughts and opinions are mine, and George’s of course!