Talks with Tom #25

This conversation occurred when we were at the mall this weekend. Tom wanted a snack, so we stopped at a cookie kiosk to fill his munchie craving.

I suggested getting a 5 pack because he couldn’t seem to comprehend only eating two cookies (which is their normal combo). Then I could get two, and he could have three.

Tom: Oh you are getting cookies too?

Me:  Um what pregnant lady wouldn’t want cookies?

Thanks for thinking of me babe.

When we sat down to eat our cookies, Tom reflected on having three cookies.

Tom:  I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to sit here and eat three cookies. I ate a skittle off the ground earlier.

(He weirded out a woman in Target maybe 30 minutes prior to our cookie excursion by eating a skittle she had dropped on the ground.)

Tom:  I’ll leave no fallen watermelon skittle behind. If it would have been an orange skittle, that thing would have died right there.

I have no hope for George not eating things off the ground…


Just so you know, this is a plastic display at the zoo…that Tom is licking.