Ruffle Crochet

While I was home for the holidays, my mom wanted me to make a specific scarf that she could wear to work. Apparently the church she works at is always cold, and she wanted something simple and warm.

So while I was introducing my brother to all the wonders of the show Castle (we watched half of the first season one night), I made this.

2013-12-29 21.26.34

I used a N crochet needle and left over yarn from a previous project.

Since I wanted to make it before I left Kansas City, I had to do something simple.

The main body is just double crochet stitches until I achieved my desired length.

To dress it up just a little I did decide to add the ruffle to the side. I am pretty impressed with myself that I made this ruffle up on the fly.

To make the ruffle: one single crochet, one double crochet, one triple crochet, one double crochet, one single crochet. Repeat to the ends.

Surprise! I then made it an infinity scarf by sewing the two ends together.

Not surprised?

Ok, I told you I had a sickness about infinity scarves this year.

2013-12-29 21.25.35