Talks with Tom #34

I have mentioned our quest for George’s pacies on many occasions.

Seriously they just disappear into thin air.

We had this conversation a few days ago during one of George’s daily games of “Make Mom and Dad Chase the Pacy.”

The pacy had fallen out about a half a dozen times in a 5 minute span. And of course George starts pouting until we get the pacy that HE spit out on purpose.

Tom-I’m going to put a rubber band around your head so you can’t spit it out.

Me-We should get croakies for the pacy like they have for glasses.

Tom-What would we call it? We could call it a pokey.

Me-I don’t think that would be appropriate.

Tom-Yea I immediately realize how bad it is is to strap something called a pokey to a child’s face.

We received a pacy clip thing for Christmas so hopefully that will end the chase game that happens on the daily basis in our house. And maybe we won’t keep losing those things.


¬†We haven’t seen this pacy probably since this picture was taken two weeks after he was born…