Talks with Tom #21

We went to Noodles and Company yesterday. This particular location has only one way to get in, but it is really obnoxious and through a busy thoroughfare. There is an exit only lane that is much easier to access, and each time we go there I think I am making a quick entry by using this lane. And each time I have this “Oh shoot” hesitation as I go through the “Do Not Enter” lane.

This was Tom’s response when I panicked that I was going the wrong way.

Tom-What is Noodles and Company going to do? Write you a spaghetti ticket?

We also had a conversation about arcade games that we want in our future game room.

Tom-I really want the original Ninja Turtle arcade game.

Me-Did you hear they are making a new movie?

Tom-Yes, Megan Fox is going to be April.

Me-Oh really? I didn’t know that.

Tom-Were you seriously trying to dump Ninja Turtle news on me? I am a member of very Ninja Turtle fan page. Seriously.

I learn something about Tom every day.

Ninja Turtle Fans

Yes we have matching Ninja Turtle shirts in our wedding colors. Be jealous.