Friday Filter-Book “Deadly Heat”

I have had a lot of extra time to read over this holiday break, and I whipped through this read.

This is the fifth (maybe final) book in the Nikki Heat series.

This was a fantastic read, just my style. This book picked up right where “Frozen Heat” left off.

There were two major plot lines in this book. The first followed the previous book and detailed the case of Heat’s mother’s murder. We had found out that her mother was a spy and had found out information that got her killed. This book unveiled new clues and plot twists. I never saw this ending coming. But the book did finally solve that case, hence why I think it may be the last one.

The other case that the book followed was a serial murder who wanted to play mind games with Detective Heat who was intended to be his last victim.

What I liked was how the two cases intertwined and the balance that the department and the detective had to face in order to solve them both. Since her mother’s murder involved CIA operatives, you also had various agencies involved which added a fun layer to the cases.

Beneath all of the mystery was the romance between Rook and Heat. (Rook is still shadowing NYPD for writing purposes.) As the intensity of the cases progresses, you see them getting closer and closer. They learn to lean on each other and begin to peel layers of Heat’s tough exterior. You see the trust being built.

Which again very much parallels the show Castle.

This books was even more forward about the similarities and how everything is intertwined between real real life, Castle real life, and the book life. The character Rook met with Hollywood executives to discuss show possibilities and even discussed actors. They subtly mentioned Nathan, who coincidentally is the actor for Richard Castle (who “wrote” the book). They also referenced the show Firefly a couple times to help crack a code. (If you aren’t familiar with Nathan Fillion, he starred in this show years ago.)

This was a great pick to get me out of my reading rut. It was quick, funny, and kept me guessing. This is a very entertaining read, and a great way to cap the series. However, I am not completely sure if it is the end, I am just making that assumption because they ended Heat’s main focus of her mother’s case. With the show Castle still being wildly popular though, there may be a continuation of the series to maintain the facade of Castle needing to shadow Kate Beckett.

While this is a page turner, I would not suggest this book as a stand alone like some of the previous ones in the series. Many things would not make sense if you had not read the prior novels. Also I think I like it so much because of the connection to the TV show, but I think people who are not avid watchers of the show can get into the books.

Have you read any of the books in this series?
I am a sucker for series, do you have any different series you would recommend?

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Friday Filter-Nikki Heat Series

One of my favorite shows currently is Castle. I have always loved mystery in stories. I guess because I hate it in real life so I live vicariously through the excitement of the stories, all the while knowing nothing is really surprising is happening to me.

In Castle, the main character-Richard Castle-is a novelist who shadows NYPD to get insight for his latest series.

Bonus for us, they actually hired individuals to write these books from the fictional novelist.


I read the first four this summer. I was not able to put them down once I started.


Naked Heat



I find it interesting that some of the covers look somewhat racy, and one of the main characters in the book Jameson Rook moonlights as a Victoria St. Clair-a popular romance novelist.

I will say that if you like the show Castle, you are going to fall in love with these books as soon as you start. The book characters mirror those in the T.V. show, so that was fun to see that. You can also tell that this was a love letter from Castle to Beckett, which in the T.V. show she takes a long time to realize. Ugh I can’t wait to see if she says yes or not!

The books all follow the lead detective Nikki Heat as she solves crimes. Each book focuses on one particular case (sometimes involving several murders), and with each book they of course get more twisted and more intense than the one before. I love sequels though because they just keep adding layers to the characters. And then you don’t have that sadness when you realize that your relationship with the characters is over. Deadly Heat is coming out in September, just in time for the beginning of the newest season!

In these books, there is always an attack on Nikki’s life, and of course how she barely escapes alive. Rook is always in the thick of it humorously trying to save Nikki. Sometimes doing so, but sometimes just putting in some romantic comedy. It is an action murder mystery at it’s best.

Just when you think you can predict the next suspect they twist you around and show you new details that has you gasping. There were many nights Tom begged for me to turn off the bedroom light and just go to bed. I just couldn’t put it down. (And now I read by a red bulb headlamp…)

I don’t want to give too much away on the plots because half the fun is figuring it out on your own.

Each book is slightly different and shows the variety of what happens in NYC. Throughout the four novels though, you watch Rook and Heat fall in love (much like Castle and Beckett). You see them razz each other, but also how to be there for each other when times get tough. You watch them break down each others emotional walls, which I believe was Castle’s way of telling Beckett he would be there when she was ready to be raw instead of closing up all her feelings. I feel that the underlying tone of how it paralleled the show’s characters is why I found it so endearing. You can tell that even though Castle was trying to pay homage to one of the great NYPD detectives, he was really trying to tell her that they were meant to be together and would protect her, while also making her laugh. There are parts of the book that had me busting up laughing (which makes for an awkward lunch when you are alone in the courtyard). Then there are other parts where I thought I was going to chew my finger off from nail-biting-induced anxiety.

My favorite one is the last book, Frozen Heat. The case is much more personal than those shown previously. It goes into detail about Nikki’s mother’s death and a web of spies. The plot twists are perfect. They are expectedly unexpected. This is really the only book that doesn’t finish the case completely, so you will have to read the next sequel to find out what happens to a certain spy. (I also find life of spies fascinating. Why they ever took PanAm off the air is beyond me!) But, don’t fret, some pieces of the mystery are solved. One, I almost threw the book at the wall I was so mad-in a “NO WAY” kind of mad, not a “I hate this story” kind of mad.

My absolute favorite part of this series though are the afterwards. Since it is “written” by Richard Castle, he writes what a typical author would as far as thank yous go. For some reason I just get a kick out of these because they are thank yous to his fellow characters in the show. (Thoroughly confused?) He also manages to thank the real live actors subtly as well. I find this to be captivating to go through this weird lens of imaginary and real-when it is all in fact imaginary. Fascinating.

These are a particularly easy reads that have suspense, love, and some hilarious moments. It is an investment for the series if you start one because you won’t want to be left wondering what happens to Rook and Heat. If you have never watched Castle, you can still easily read these and never miss a beat. I think they [T.V. and book] are both able to stand well enough on their own, but I think are made all the better if you are invested in both the show and the book series. Like I said, they are intertwined marvelously, and I believe that is one reason why I was so riveted by this series.

But hey, I am a fan so I am probably biased. I am also a sucker for the drama!

I hoped you liked my first entertainment review!

Friday Filters offer a review that are my own opinions and are not influenced by anything other than my love for entertainment and art.